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Day Three

Los Angeles, California: The goal for the day was to just keep busy. It rained overnight and was still drizzling. We must have worn-out the youngins yesterday - they both slept until 8 o'clock.

Since it was raining, Dave took Leo to see Hotel Transylvania II at a nearby theater. Popcorn happened, and now Leo has decided he wants to be a vampire. Not for Halloween. He just wants to be a vampire. Or maybe an invisible man (both characters from the film). Whenever Leo pretends he is the invisible man, we pretend we can't see him. Leo thinks this is the coolest thing ever.

Here is a photo of Leo as the invisible man:

While the guys were away, Lucy and I entertained ourselves. We read a lot of books, including a little Judaica. Who knew Passover was celebrated on Sesame Street? Leo and Lucy have so many books and they both love to read/look through books or have someone read a book to them. Just like their Momma.

Lisa and Lenny were able to facetime (video chat via the mobile phone) with the kids this afternoon. Lucy was a bit confused and wanted to jump inside the phone. Leo posed for photos to send to his Mom (not as the invisible man).

So stinkin' cute!

Leo has been so good with Lucy this weekend, and she is fascinated by everything he does. Her eyes are constantly following him around the room. Leo really makes her laugh.

Lucy, looking at Leo 

Not sure if the above photo is of hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo, but Lucy was all giggles. 

Leo and Lucy had pizza delivered for their dinner. Bubbe supplemented this with fruits and veggies.

Then a sitter arrived (previously arranged by our Dear Daughter to give her folks a few hours off - Sweet Girl!). An Uber driver was ordered via my mobile phone, and gramps and I went out on the town... okay, we only went to a local restaurant for a quick dinner.

Dave and I had a great time and a great meal, but hurried back to our sleeping charges. This photo should be captioned: When the Babysitters Hire a Babysitter.

Until my next update, I remain, your relaxed correspondent.