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Day Four

Los Angeles, California: Day Four of the hostage crisis was quite calm and normal. There is surely a reason people do not give birth in their 60's. It is exhausting. We have a two-story home, but guess I do not go up and down the stairs 30 times a day carrying a 17-pound weight... but if you want to get in shape, put a weight at the bottom of the stairs and carry it up and down every time you use the stairs.

Both kids woke with the roosters this morning, but mercifully played quietly in their playroom while Bubba and I sipped strong coffee.

Leo, with a costume over his jammies, made a very cool house for his dinosaurs and asked that I take a photo and send it to his Mom. Done.

I packed a lunch for Leo, and DT drove him to his morning preschool, hanging out in the playground chatting with the many parents we have come to know over the years. I stayed home with Lucy, trying to get a few chores checked off my list, but that is nearly impossible when a certain someone decides it is super-dooper fun to shred tissues - nearly as fun as pulling tissues one-by-one from the Kleenex box.

So stinkin' cute!

Dave also fetched Leo from school, and then they went out for a boys-only trip through the frozen yoghurt emporium. I am fairly sure Lisa would not have approved of the amount/variety of toppings on Leo's yoghurt, but he ate a good dinner and even conceded to a bath with his sister. Usually, taking a bath after dinner with Lucy is a bit of an unpleasant experience due to the vast amount of food stuck to Lucy after she has a meal... which is then floating around in the bath water. (Lisa wants someone to invent a teeny garbage disposal for her bathtub to use after bathing Lucy.)

Lucy went to bed at 7p. Leo was going to stay up and watch football with Bubba... which lasted until Leo fell asleep on the sofa (in his pajamas) at 7:30p.

Another successful day of grandparenting!

I will close with an incredible photo the kids sent this evening. Call me prejudiced. Call me a bragger. Go ahead. I don't care. These two look fabulous and well-rested. And so in love!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.