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Day One

The new carpet at Portland International Airport

Los Angeles, California: We just can't enough of our grandchildren, which is why - 48 hours after they left Portland - Dave and I flew down to Los Angeles. True, not true. Months ago, we agreed to watch Leo and Lucy while Lisa and Lenny had a long weekend away. (Anyway, I assume this is the plan and there is no surprise party planned.) We flew down yesterday and the second-honeymooners left early this morning.

Leo had school all morning and then a gymnastics camp thing in the afternoon, so we really didn't see much of him all day. Lucy only had a late afternoon music/gymnastics class, so we spent most of the day with Sweet Lucy.

Lunch today: tortilla, (1/4 cup) blueberries, (1/2 cup) strawberries and a scrambled egg

Though she can't be left for a moment, at 13 months, Lucy is still very easy to care for. Her happy disposition is the number one reason and she will quite happily amuse herself with toys (especially her brother's toys when he is away!). Never have I known a child to enjoy food so much. All sorts. Fruits, veggies, scrambled eggs, breads, cheeses. Anything and everything. And a lot of food. She eats more than Leo and he is twice her size (nearly exactly; Lucy weighs 17 pounds).

So today, I only have are photos of Lucy to post.

The little genius can use her little wooden stacker like it is her job... and I suppose it is her job... with a side-line of being ridiculous cute.

Dave and I attended Lucy's baby class this afternoon. This consisted of a lot of singing and a lot of getting up and down from the floor. I made the mistake of wearing a skirt, so my up-and-downing was not really that graceful. Dave and I are both sore from this one hour class and even Lucy was happy to get into her crib tonight.

Before school this morning, I asked Leo what he wanted for dinner. Worms. Then later, he asked for trees. I served spaghetti and broccoli tops - with smaller worms (shredded parmesan) on top. He ate it all, though he did ask why the worms didn't have eyes. Obviously, I cut their heads off before cooking... which spiraled into a conversation about vegetarianism (this is Los Angeles, after all) and then Leo reminded me they were not worms at all, but pasta.

It's paaahsta, Bubbe.

Friday night is movie night in this house. Lucy went to bed. Leo and Bubba are watching a pirate movie and I am going to leave this blog and go pop some corn.

Until my next update, I remain, your "the October Newsletter will be in your inboxes very soon" correspondent.