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Day One

Los Angeles, California: Today is the start of a four-night babysitting gig in Los Angeles with our grandson, Leo (2 years, 9 months). Leo is the light of our life and we can't get enough time with him... we think!

The day started early, with Lisa and Lenny heading off to the airport just after seven o'clock. Leo cried a bit as their taxi drove away, but quickly changed his attitude and mood when I offered him breakfast. By the time Lisa and Lenny sent a photo from the airplane, we were at Leo's gymnastics class:

Never ask Leo what he wants to do unless you have $3. Leo's favorite thing in the whole wide world is riding the ponies. Bubba took him on a mule-pulled-wagon ride and then Leo rode his $3 pony - twice! (That Bubba is a big spender.)

Too many photos of the CBE? Sorry. It's my blog.

After a big morning of gymnastics and equestrian pursuits, the little 25-pound guy wanted more food - precisely pancakes. (Leo is not keeping entirely Kosher for Passover.) We took him to a little neighborhood cafe, where all the waiters know his name and how he likes his pancake.

DT and I had scrambled egg whites, veggies and roasted potatoes. Yummy and healthy. Leo finished his pancake this morning.

Too many photos of the CBE? Sorry. It's my blog.

We arrived back to the house to find a delivery:

A beautiful "thank you in advance" arrangement for the caretakers from Lisa and Lenny. Absolutely gorgeous. The lilacs filled the entire house with their sweet fragrance.

Leo said he wanted to play, but crawled up on my lap and asked me to sing lullabies. He was soon asleep. Is there anything better than having a little one fall asleep in your arms?

Too many photos of the CBE? Sorry. It's my blog.

How about a photo of my pretty matzo balls that I traditionally serve the second night of Passover?

Too many food photos? Sorry. It's my blog.

Gymnastics today; yoga tomorrow. LA toddlers are kept pretty busy.

Until my next update, I remain, your mindful correspondent.