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Day of Rest

Las Vegas, Nevada:  Bummed at the Duck loss/total collapse last night, we took it easy today. Slept-in. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. We even considered checking-out and going back to Palm Springs, but our friends are here and we don't get to see them much over the winter. Couldn't leave.

Our only adventure was to take a taxi (it was raining) to the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace to window shop, walk and have a little lunch. This indoor shopping mall is built to resemble streets in Rome/Italy. They even have a faux Trevi Fountain. The ceilings are painted with fluffy little clouds and the lighting changes from day to night every hour or so.

Compared to the fancy stores in the shopping center attached to the Aria Hotel, the Forum Shops have something for all of Caesar's citizens: Louis Vuitton and Brighton. Spago and The Cheesecake Factory. Gucci and H&M. Valentino and Victoria's Secret.

This may be the right time to report on my 2018 Year of Not Shopping? Where I have vowed to not purchase clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry for the entire year? I am 100% faithful to my pledge through February, and now well into March. There was a little happiness due to recently receiving a luggage piece ordered in September 2017. Not sure if luggage actually falls into the "purse" category, but I happily signed for the box, knowing anything ordered before I took the "pledge" could not count as a failure.

Though it should have been torture walking through a gorgeous mall knowing nothing (but lunch) would be purchased, but I didn't need a thing. Will this "year of not shopping" re-set my way of thinking? Hope so!

We sold all four of our Pac-12 basketball championship game tickets to ticket brokers, and met Mary and Steve at a sports bar where we watched Arizona crush USC, while consuming pitchers of beer and nibbling on chicken wings.

A perfect evening.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO WILDCATS correspondent.