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Day Four

Los Angeles, California: Rinse and Repeat. The days are starting to seem the same. Breakfast, playing, an activity, a pancake, a nap, playing, dinner, bath, bedtime. Substitute "playing" for jogging and "pancake" for cocktail, and it is pretty much the same routine we have at the Motorcoach Country Club.

Speaking of the ol' trailer park... Captain Jim and Mary snapped this photo of our tomato plants this morning and messaged it over to me here in El Lay:

The cherry tomatoes are getting ripe!

As soon as Leo opened his eyes this morning, he was focused on ma new biiikeWanride biiike. After breakfast, he took two baby dolls and his pull-along alligator for a spin on his new biiike.

At a nearby playground, there is a "motor course" set up for kids to ride their bikes, trikes, scooters, etc. We took Leo (and his new tricycle) to see if he could get this pedaling-thing down.

That would be a no... but he had a super-good time pushing himself around on his new bike. After about thirty minutes of this exercise, I distracted Leo while Bubba returned the bike to the car. Then Leo and Dave spent an hour exploring every piece of equipment on the playground.

I pushed Leo on the swing and he kept screeching, "higher, Bubbe, higher".

There are several plastic "bubbles" at this playground, where your view is distorted:

Kinda creepy?

Next, Bubba spotted Leo while he completed an obstacle course. These two were having a whole-buncha fun at the park today!

It was obviously time for another pancake, so we went to yet another hipster cafe for brunch. Leo gets his pancake and DT and I get Passover-friendly eggs and potatoes.

Someone pooped-out in the restaurant booth after brunch!

Another fun-filled day with the CBE! Until my next update, I remain, your Shabbat Shalom correspondent.