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Day Cruising

Merced, California: Lisa and Leo spent the morning with Grandma yesterday before heading back to Los Angeles. Leo was quite a hit with his great-grandmother's friends. Yes, we think he is the cutest little guy on the planet, but apparently people living in senior housing do not often see children? (Why is this?) They all thought Leo was extra-special cute, smart and amazing.


I'm beginning to think my mother-in-law lives on a cruise ship that is permanently in port. My first hint was the daily activity schedule on display in the elevators, foyer, and delivered to each state room every morning. Or was it the menu's displayed in front of the dining room? Trays of sweets/snacks set-out throughout the facility? Live music? Exercise classes? Bingo? Happy Hour! Movie Night? I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist of my imagination. The only difference between my mother-in-law's cruise ship and an actual sea-going boat? It is generally frowned-upon to arrive to meals in bedroom slippers while at sea.

We stayed in Merced today to enjoy a special Thanksgiving meal with Mom at her "senior living center"... except there was a mix-up, and today was not the day of the early Thanksgiving luncheon. We figured this out, after reaching Mom's apartment this morning, to learn the lunch menu included beef tamales, refried beans and Spanish rice. After a few phone calls, it was determined it was human error. No problem, we were planning to spend the day with Mom anyway, we just didn't eat turkey.

To continue with my cruise ship thought-line above, while at lunch today, one of Mom's seat-mates said she didn't feel like tamales. She asked for a bowl of soup. Two minutes later, oxtail broth was delivered.

There are many interesting people living on Mom's cruise ship. I spoke Mandarin with a guy who had lived in Taipei twenty years before we lived in Taipei. (He also speaks English, French and German.) Talked to a woman who hid-out in Normandy during the occupation, only to return to their - amazingly - still-standing house...however now missing all the silver, good furniture, and clothing. (What did the Germans want with children's clothing?) Even the most normal-seeming person has a story to tell.

Dave and I had a great day cruising today and Mom let me snap a photo before we left. She does not like having her photo taken anymore, but she no longer reads my blog, so here goes:

Mom, with her #3 son.

Until my next update, I remain, your turkey-free correspondent.

RV Park: The Lakes Golf & RV Resort, in Chowchilla, California. A very nice full service campground, with large pull-through and back-in sites. Pool. Regulation golf course, laundry... however, six months ago when we were here, they kept running out of water from their well and it seems the problem has not been resolved. For this, we were charged $55 per night. Not a good deal, but the best option near Merced. (PS: DT filled our fresh water tank before leaving Sacramento.)