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DAY 2: Quiet Day at Sea

At Sea: Sleeping is good on a cruise ship. Like being rocked in a cradle… until you get a bit of wind and choppy seas and it feels like someone is jumping on the bed and things begin creaking. Happily, that little gale didn’t last long… or Our Captain changed course? Though we sailed from Los Angeles a full two hours behind schedule, this ship is still set to anchor in the port of Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico, tomorrow (Sunday) morning at eleven o’clock. The weather tried to improve, but it was chilly all day and rained on and off. Here is the view from our balcony this morning - looking south.

Dave arranged for coffee to be delivered at 8a (included in our package), but we were both awake before seven (probably because we went to bed before 10p last night?). The coffee was strong, and fueled us as we watched the US v Netherlands World Cup Game. Yes, the games are broadcast on the Norwegian Bliss!

After coffee, DT went for a jog on the jogging track around Deck 17. He wasn’t very successful as the crew were moving deck chairs around and it was an obstacle course. I take Saturdays off, which is pointless as I walk so much on this massive ship, I will accumulate 12-15,000 steps per day WITHOUT jogging/walking. Still, there are too many tempting treats onboard, so exercise I must. Or… as I read on a glittery tee shirt today: BLAME IT ON THE DRINKS PACKAGE.

We had breakfast at The Local. This establishment is over the atrium, ringing three sides above the main dance/music/game area. Walking through The Local last evening, I could see (and smell) basket of wonderful looking Buffalo Wings, fries, burgers, etc. Their breakfast menu today had eggs, pork, pork, eggs, pork, pork, vegetable omelet, pancakes or French toast. Our omelets were very delicious and they were served with two round hash brown patties, ala McDonald’s, but probably tastier.

More walking after breakfast. We walked through the shops that were too packed yesterday, but didn’t find too much of interest. Duty-Free cigarettes and booze. The shopping area must have 2000 watches for sale - Rolex, Tagheur, etc. Tons of jewelry. Makeup and fragrance by Chanel, Dior, Lancôme, and many others. A few Norwegian Bliss shirts, hats, water bottles, can openers. Baby diapers. Shampoo. Nothing needed/wanted by moi.

We went back to our room to catch the Australia-Argentina game, and then went to the buffet for a late light lunch. This is the first time we have looked at the buffet and it seems very typical of a cruise ship. All sorts of “stations”: Soup. Salads. Salad bar. Italian pasta bar. Pizza. Breads. Asian-inspired. Foods from India. A taco bar. Asian noodle bar. Burgers. Sandwiches. Piles of fresh fruits. Bowls of apples, oranges, and pears. Drink stations everywhere, and a soda-type fountain that dispenses wine! Everything and Anything. We had salads and everything was delicious, presented very well, and everything seemed very neat, clean, and tidy. As guests enter the food court, an attendant is there to make sure you wash your hands at the row of sinks at the entrance: Washy Washy!

We returned to our room to find the ship had delivered a complimentary tray of pretty little canapés. Our excitement didn’t last long as they were filled with - you guessed it - pork AND shellfish (I have a serious shellfish allergy). So sad. Such a waste. They were so pretty!

Our late afternoon adventure was to change the time of a future dining reservation. I tried to do it on the ship app, and I tried to do it via the ship phone. No one answered the phone, and due to (ahem) operator error, we somehow had TWO reservations on the same night at the SAME restaurant. Instead of being normal people, we Dave decided it would be SO MUCH FUN to walk down to the 6th deck to change the reservation. We are on the 14th deck. But why simply take the lift down to the 6th deck, when we could walk the entire circumference of EVERY deck from 14-to-6! It actually was quite fun, and we found a few new views and two very nice covered decks to walk around, that would not have deck chairs to hurdle.

Along the outside of Deck 7 are lined with life boats, protected from the elements and ready at all moments to take-on 316 passengers each. From another deck, we were directly under the water slide that hangs-out over the ocean.

The restaurants on Deck 8 have large outdoor covered cocktail areas, with comfy U-shaped seating. Very nice, but a little too chilly for many patrons this afternoon. (I later learned they have heaters on the ceilings - nice!) A walkway travels the length of the ship on the port and starboard sides, giving us a good option for walking/jogging - this ship is over 1000 feet long.

Canapés were not enough today. When we returned from our expedition, the crew had delivered a tray of sweet treats. Chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate truffle, fruit pâtés, butter sable cookies. Wow, I guess registering as the Duke and Duchess of La Quinta really scored us some freebies!

Reading and needlepointing occurred. Dave is 3/4 way through David McCullough’s The Path Between the Seas, The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914, and hopes to plow-through the 600-plus-page volume before our ship meets Panama. Dave is really enjoying this read and is keeping me up-to-date on what he learns. I am stitching a gift for a friend and using a few new pretty fibers on this small, but interesting, piece.

We dolled-up for our dinner reservation at La Cucina - the Italian restaurant on Deck 8. Classic Italian menu. A salad of bresaola and arugula was shared. Dave had veal scallopini, while I had lasagna. No dessert (we had dessert in our room before dinner via our delivered sweets tray.

Tomorrow: Cabo San Lucas and better weather.

Until my next update - seriously I have no idea WHEN this will occur - I remain your happy correspondent.

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