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Creatures in the Desert

Borrego Springs, California:  Our reservations were finished at The Springs at Borrego RV Resort, so we moved to their dry/over-flow camping area for Saturday night and will move back into the campground tomorrow for a few more days! This RV park is full! I call this scenario a "RV Rodeo".

Marci & Jim spent several hours with us before they headed back to Palm Desert. They reported their hotel room to be very nice and someone was actually on premises when they checked-out of the hotel this morning.

In the afternoon Dave and I went for a drive to visit a few of the statues out in the surrounding desert that we had not previously seen.

Cute and cuddly? I'll let you decide, but we found about a dozen of these wild pig creatures north of town.

And then we discovered a dinosaur.

And then the dinosaur discovered My Driver!

Giant tortoises too. This guy was about 8 feet tall.

Then we turned west to an area with many statues of rams, sheep and babies! Very cute.


Rams competing for a love-interest

Stand back, buddy - she's MINE!

This sheep has a just-born lamb - with two rams fighting in the background

Near the sheep are statues of a miner and his horse

Can you see the fighting rams in the distance?

If you are interested, I have previously posted photos of other statues in the Borrego Springs area: April 2009 and April 2010, where I am coincidentally wearing EXACTLY the same thing I wore today. Hmmm. Who knew I had a "desert statue viewing" ensemble!

This adventure would be enough for most people, but DT wanted to drive up Coyote Canyon at the northern-most part of the valley. This sand road is very rough. Our all-wheel drive Honda CRV handled most of the road well in 2nd gear (occasionally My Driver had to switch to 1st gear!). But we knew ahead was a 3-foot high creek with rushing water that we would not be able to traverse, so we stopped at a picnic area three miles up the canyon and turned around.

We are adventurous, but we are not crazy.

This was the best part of the road. Practically a paved boulevard compared to much of the road to Coyote Canyon north of Borrego Springs!

And here is your baked correspondent, resting on a bench in the middle of absolutely nowhere!

We returned to Borrego Springs at 4 o'clock and were famished, so stopped at Carlee's Place for a late lunch/early dinner. We have been to Carlee's several times before and have always had decent sandwiches and burgers, etc. Today was no different.

Tonight we will relax in our RV - watching the Ducks v USC basketball game.

Until my next update, I remain, your parched correspondent.

RV PARK: The Springs at Borrego RV Resort & Golf Course. One of our very favorite RV parks on the west coast. Sites are large and each has a nice cement patio and picnic table. Cement 50 amp pull-throughs will full service. There are also different varieties of citrus trees all over, so you will never be lacking for a cocktail garnish in the winter. Slow wifi. Fabulous warm pool and many hot tubs - all from their own hot springs! Fitness center, library, community rooms. Regulation 9-hole golf course. Recycling. Huge fenced dog park! We are paying $64 per night for a "premium" site.