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Coyote + Sqirl

Los Angeles, California:  Lisa had a meeting this morning. Leo went to school. I stayed in and packed my suitcase. Dave and Lenny dropped Lucy at her preschool and were headed out for a jog, when they noticed the sidewalks clearing and people screaming, scurrying and fleeing. What was up?

A coyote. Racing down the sidewalk. With half a cat in his mouth. Lenny and Dave were pretty surprised. Dave said he was pretty sure one passerby was about to vomit. They jogged on.

Life in the City of Angels. It's a jungle out there.

A person could be squeezed by a boa constrictor right in their own home!

And there are skeletons everywhere!

Before getting Lucy from school, the adults met at Sqirl for lunch. If you recall, I met the owner of this restaurant, Jessica Koslow, at FEAST Portland last month. Ms. Koslow is known for her fruit jams and savory spreads. Sqirl sells rice bowls, bowls of beans, sandwiches and egg dishes to LA hipsters (and their parents). Sqirl is very popular. Most of the dishes have a vegetarian or vegan version. Lines are long. Service is slow. Our food was really good.

At Sqirl, the baguettes are sliced LENGTHWISE! DT had a sandwich with tomato jam, cheddar cheese and arugula. A fancy grilled cheese. He loved it and I tried a bit and loved the taste - and that tomato jam.

I had a big bowl of chickpeas stewed with onion, greens, tomatoes, and topped with preserved lemon, harissa and basil. It was served with long toast, and it was, indeed, long. Lisa had a bowl of rice topped with sorrel pesto.

Lenny went sweet v savory by ordering the most popular dish at Sqirl - the Ricotta Toast: lightly charred brioche toast, topped with ricotta and your jam of choice. He went with the strawberry and let us all have a taste. Pretty dang delicious.

Then we picked Lucy up from school and Dave and I headed to the airport, arriving to a cold, windy, rainy, dark Portland (insert sad face here). Then we stayed awake until nearly midnight to watch the Ducks lose in overtime(s) to the Cal Bears on television. (Insert sad face here.)

I did not let the loss ruin my Birthday Week. I had such a great Birthday Trip. Saw family in Denver. Saw Jimmy Buffett TWICE! Saw Cory. Was able to spend Monday-Friday with our grandchildren (insert happy face here).

We plan to be home less than ten days - spending the entire time organizing the house and bus for a winter away. If it is quiet on this blog next week, you now know why.

Until my next update, I remain, your Portland correspondent.