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Indio, California:  Seems there will be another doozy of a wind storm Thursday, so our departure may be Friday.

Unless there is a wind storm Friday.

It's how we roll... or how we do not roll...

Dave and I alternated loops during our morning jogs so one of us would be home when the guy came to fetch our pretty little golf cart. Away she goes!

The first Roma tomatoes (and a few yellow cherry tomatoes) have been harvested. Of the three years we have planted, these tomatoes are the smallest fruit harvested and they really are just not that tasty. So disappointed. They will go into a sauce.

Though two members of our posse, Colleen and Rick, have already departed, oddly-enough the rest of us were all in town at the same time (rare!), so we celebrated one last meal of the season at the Adobe Grill at the La Quinta Resort.

Tom, Bill, DT, Crystal, Terry & Brent
(This photo was quickly dispatched up to Alberta for Colleen & Rick)

The Adobe Grill is known for their guacamole which they prepare table-side. It is always the best guacamole you can find. Just perfect - as is the service.

I had (more!) chicken - this time grilled and smothered in a pumpkin seed mole sauce. Happy, happy, happy.

Until my next update, I remain, your getting-nostalgic correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club