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One Last

Indio, California:  Our time at the Motorcoach Country Club is counting down. Soon we will be firing-up the Magna Peregrinus and pointing her north. Our date of departure is determinate upon the wind and weather.

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind...

But we are shooting for Thursday or Friday.

I'm going to miss this view

I organized everything in the outdoor kitchen for storage in the casita while we are away, and My Driver has nearly everything packed. The interior of the motorhome has been cleaned, polished, the leather has been treated and the woodwork has been oiled. It's pretty and shiny, and looks as if it were sitting on a dealer showroom. Same for the outside - washed and waxed.

Since the pots and pans have been boxed-up in the outdoor kitchen and the stovetop in the motorhome is so gleamingly shiny, this gives me an excuse to not cook and plenty of reason to have one last meal-for-the-season at our favorite local restaurants.

A perfect excuse for one last taco at Tacos Gonzalez. We took our neighbors, Nancy and John, yesterday for lunch. For some unknown reason, they had never been to Tacos G.

What? Why? How did this happen?

And one last Southwest Chicken Salad last night at Stuft Pizza...

Mary and Captain Jim have returned from another of their "vacations during a vacation" - this time a five-day wine tasting trip with about 20 other motorhomes from this resort to Paso Robles. We had one last dinner together this evening at Pueblo Viejo Grill in Indio. We don't have to miss Mary & Captain Jim. They live about 30 miles from our house in Oregon and we usually get together over the summer.

Our golf cart will be picked-up Wednesday morning for summer storage (in a climate-controlled building).

Which meant we needed one last golf cart cruise around the resort after dinner. She's not fancy, but she gets the job done. Going to miss our Sweet Ride over the summer.

One last sunset.

I am manicured. I am pedicured. All systems are go.

Let's hope Mother Nature cooperates.

Until my next update, I remain, your one last correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club