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Could it be???

DT and I are trying to adjust back to the Pacific time zone, answer a zillion emails and sort through a big stack of mail and a huge pile o'laundry. In our spare time, it looks as if the crew has decided today would be a good day to finish our deck.

Could it be? Finally?

But, I am way ahead of myself. Let's go back to last night. What I can remember of last night, anyway... You all know that I am overly-preoccupied with food and I knew we would be completely wiped-out/tired after nine days in the stadium and a ten-hour flight back to the USA... which is why I had groceries delivered from our local hippy-organic grocer. I can't tell you how lucky we are to have the wonderful New Seasons Market in our community. Not only are they hip and green - they deliver! (Even to us, since we live in the middle of freaking nowhere.) I ordered groceries on-line before we left our hotel in Berlin and (since our wonderful housesitter was here to receive the goods) we arrived home to a freshly-stocked larder.

Anyway... this long story leads up to only one simple photo - our dinner last night. Rosemary Lamb Chops over a balsamic reduction - certainly this dish would help our jet-lag:

A girl can only eat so much Wiener Schnitzel

Which brings us back to unpacking and laundry. Our Darling Girl, the Lovely Lisa, had been in Greece for a bit before meeting us in Berlin - and she brought me the best gift EVER: towels for my kitchen. (I am obsessed with kitchen towels. I buy them in every city/country/state/town/village/museum we visit.)

They look pretty now...

Why am I craving a Greek Salad now???

Okay... moving on... 

My Driver and I tried to stay awake until 10p last night. I was catching up on Entourage, but fell asleep for a bit before DT carried me off to bed. We slept until about 6 o'clock this morning... only to hear the sad new that Senator Kennedy and Dominick Dunne had died overnight.

Rest in Peace.

I had an email from our deck guy this early morning saying they were heading over here today to finish our deck. In case you are keeping track, it has been about a month since our whole deck fiasco has started. The history is long and boring and complicated by rainy Oregon weather, but all is forgotten after today - at the end of the day (which was nearly 7p) our deck is gorgeous. But... suffering from jet-lag and having your house vibrate all day from the sanding machines is not a good combination. Trust me on this. There simply was not enough Advil in our house to compensate.

Very early this morning - sanding was finished

The stain/sealant is applied with a brush and wiped dry

Isn't this the prettiest deck you have ever seen?

Nature v Nurture

I can't say sleeping overnight has cured our jet lag. I felt strange all day. Not tired, but more like a limp Rag Doll. DT went for a long run, but needed a nap to recover.

We are old.

But being old will not stop us from international travel for long. In just a few days we will be good as new and off on new adventures.

Until then, a girl needs to eat! How about organic spinach ravioli with grilled chicken breast?

Just to keep our strength up

Until my next update, I remain, your foggy correspondent.