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Could it be? (2.0)

Do you recall a few days ago... last Wednesday actually... when I thought our deck project was finally finished?

Well, I was wrong.

Evidentially, our contractor was not quite satisfied with how the deck looked in a few spots. Here is a photo of the deck last Wednesday:

Last Wednesday

I was roused from my sleep very early this morning by the boys back on the deck - sanding it A G A I N (just lightly) and applying a second coat of sealer. I swear Osama hisownself could not penetrate our deck now.

And a photo of the deck this afternoon:

DT swears it is a little darker... looks the same to meesday

All I know is that I am pretty sure they are finished. Even though it eventually took a month and we were unable to use our deck much of August (though we were away much of August...) they did a great job fixing their mistake.

While all the sanding, buffing, fluffing and sealing was occurring at The Manor, we hopped in the car and went to visit our RV! Oh, I miss the Magna Peregrinus so much... and can't wait until next week when we hop in and have another little adventure... but until then... a girl needs to eat.

Nearly every pizza we had in Germany last week was topped with arugula, so I made a simple (low-fat; not low-carb) pizza tonight and sprinkled arugula all over the top. It is like a pizza and a salad at once. Just delicious.

Cheese pizza with arugula

But we have a few more important things to worry about tonight. Our Dear Girl is suffering greatly in Los Angeles from smoke, debris, ash, etc. from the nearby forest fire. I am flying down to help her clean up, or, if things get too bad, we will just leave town.

DT has much more important things to do. He is going to Boise, Idaho to watch the Ducks (hopefully) beat Boise State. Live Thursday night on ESPN. Be there. 

At least someone in our family has their priorities straight.

Until my next update, I remain, your sealed correspondent.