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Cocktail Recap

Indio, California: I have been busy cooking the past few days because we decided to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for Shabbat. Why not? We have invited friends and (hopefully) a good time and a good meal will be enjoyed by all. 

I just love cooking for people who love to eat.

My Monday column concerning cocktails received many comments and several fun emails to my inbox. So many people wrote to me about the cocktails their parents enjoyed. One of my readers wrote to me about his father who "every day of his life pretty much, precisely at 5 pm, as though an alarm went off in his head, would sit down and have a "cocktail" or two, usually a martini. Near as I can tell, it contributed to his long life - he lived to be 92!!".

Reader Barbara said: I had my first Manhattan ever at Disney's Carthay Circle lounge and thought you might appreciate a picture. It was a beautiful handcrafted drink with an amazing clear globe of ice in the center. House cured cherries on the side!

Barbara was kind enough to send along a photo of this marvelous cocktail.

This Disney restaurant shapes ice differently for every drink. Imagine that.

You will just have to imagine because around here, every drink I make is served with ice that is shaped exactly the same way it comes out of the fridge ice maker. I'm all fancy like that.

Reader Nancy left a note in the comment section about her Peach White Wine Sangria, then emailed the recipe to me. For your sipping pleasure:

Nancy's Peach White Wine Sangria
Very simple. Can substitute the fruit and nectar with other types,
and experiment with the herbs.

3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
Two 11.5 oz cans/cartons of peach nectar
One 750 ml dry white wine
1 or 2 large ripe peaches pitted and diced (or frozen peaches in a pinch)
1 cup loose packed fresh basil leaves, torn

Bruise the basil in a saucepan, put in sugar, lemon juice, and one can of the nectar. Bring to simmer till sugar dissolved. Let stand 5 minutes or longer if you want more basil flavor. Strain. Let cool. Add the diced peach, the other can of nectar and the bottle of wine. Refrigerate. Serve.

Nancy's recipe sounds yummy... if it wasn't so dang cold this week. We are getting blasted with nights dipping into the mid-30-degree range. It seems the entire country is suffering from frigid weather.

Maybe I should write a column about hot cocoa drinks?

Until my next update, I remain, your icy correspondent.

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