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Cooking for Leftovers

Indio, California: Each evening at sunset, a small flock of Canada geese fly over our campsite. They squawk and honk as they settle into a pond on the golf course for the night. The noisy flyover is our signal to stop work and go sit outside to watch the pretty pink sky as the sun disappears.

The weather has suddenly changed. The days are sunny and warm, but when the sun sets, it is down-right cold. No wind, thank goodness. We are using the radiant floor heaters in the RV. Keep warm out there people, keep warm.

The "Thanksgiving Shabbat" went well. The whole turkey breast I purchased was a bit odd. One breast was drastically smaller than the other (or, one breast was drastically larger than the other). By drastic, I mean, if I were her Mother, I may have suggested surgery. Poor thing, leaning to one side, still managed to cook-up to a juicy and tender meal for our friends.

This was the first time we had six people for dinner in our new casita. We max-out at 6 diners. Full house.

Debbie and Mark brought a big bag of lemons from their tree - and keeping with the "nothing in nature is perfect" theme of the evening, he also brought a massively huge lemon from the same tree.

There was little prep for the lop-sided bird. I salted it for a few days and then just rubbed butter, minced sage and black pepper over/under the skin before roasting. I do not have a roasting rack, so set the breast atop a "rack" of large rosemary stems in my largest casserole dish. Wow, did the turkey smell divine while roasting. We also served homemade stuffing, homemade (chicken) gravy and homemade cranberry sauce.

And I made a pumpkin pie.

The salad and vegetable course were one and the same. Roasted asparagus spears - marinated in a tarragon-shallot vinaigrette - and served cold.

Since it was Shabbat, I served Challah instead of rolls. This entire meal was prepared to get leftover turkey breast. I am making the final-final tetrazzini Monday night. It is always a good thing to have leftover Challah:

Challah is the best-ever bread for a yummy breakfast strata, this time with maple and blueberries.

Until my next update, with a perfect tetrazzini recipe, I remain, your carbo-loading correspondent.

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