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Cinq du Mai

Eugene, Oregon: And so, Dear Patient Reader, we have returned to our old stomping ground for the final few days of the Mental Floss Tour. We are in Eugene for the Twilight Meet and for a reunion of track & field alumni. The track meet is the huge draw, but it is always great to see the Old Gang... and dang, if we aren't all getting older each year.

We had a great morning in Canyonville at the fantabulous Seven Feathers RV Resort. I can't stress enough about the excellent facilities in Canyonville. Someone really put a lot of thought into designing the resort. We jogged around the perimeter of the campground (one mile) and then headed down to an area below the campground where they seem to be leveling-out an area for another parking area. It was a half-mile around the gravel parking lot, so we ovaled for a while... before returning to the RV for showers and a late check-out. Though they provide a great fitness center at the Seven Feathers RV Resort, I advise you just walk/run along the trail that follows the creek. So peaceful and so pretty.

We only had to drive 100 miles to reach our usual campsite in Eugene - Premier RV Resort.

Premier RV Resort is next to a huge field that houses sheep and/or cattle. (Unfortunately, noisy I-5 is on the other side of the RV park.)

As soon as Mamma stood up (due to being a bit camera shy), the baby snuck right in for a little snack.

I ran out to the post office and to fill the tank in the Honda. See that guy in the orange vest? He is the station attendant. No self-serve in Oregon. Not allowed. Someone does it for you. Love it! Did I mention there is no sales tax in Oregon?

DT had arranged for the Magna Peregrinus to have a final bath - to get the road dust off before she goes into storage for a few weeks. I spent the afternoon baking cookies. It takes a while to bake cookies in my little convection oven as I can only get 7 cookies on the little round baking pan. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip for Matthew - delivered after his race tomorrow, of course.

I saved three for me us.

Everything is busting-out-all-over in Oregon!


While most everyone was enjoying tacos and margaritas for Cinco de Mayo, we went with the losing side of the Battle of Puebla - The French Army - and went to Marche for dinner with our friends, Rob, Lauren and Jesse. Jesse is on Cloud 9 after winning the Wildflower Triathlon last weekend. Everyone is so excited for him. Go, Jesse! It was a great evening.

Tomorrow - The Twilight!

Until my next update, I remain, your Eugene correspondent.

RV Park: Premier RV Resort. I-5, Exit 199, just a few miles north of Eugene, Oregon. Full-service sites. Fitness center, pool in season, club room with fire place. Across the freeway from Country Coach, Marathon, Monaco, Cummins and Freightliner. We are paying $38.