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Back in Oregon!

Canyonville, Oregon: Yowser - it has been over 130 days since I have typed an Oregon dateline. But we are back! We had an early start this morning because it was too windy for My Driver to run. And if was too windy for My Driver to run, you can bet I wasn't going outside!

Our drive was uneventful, which is always a good thing when you are driving a 45-long bus and towing a car on the Interstate freeway. We did see five deer ON THE FREEWAY. It appeared they were trying to cross the road. Poor things must have been terrified.

Mt. Shasta, from the south

The wind died-down to nothing as we continued north and the temperatures rose to the mid-80's. Just a perfect day. Perfectly clear skies for perfectly clear views of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta.

My Driver, washing the windscreen

We stopped for a lunch break at a rest area north of Weed so I could snap anotherphoto of Mt. Shasta. The rest area was crazy-busy with truckers and RVers heading north. A crew of handicapped men were working on lawn maintenance at the rest area and one of the guys asked me if that was my bus. I answered yes. He said, "That is the most beautiful motorhome I have ever seen." Then he yelled over to his boss, "Hey boss, I'm quittin' my job and leavin' in that motorhome..." as he pretended to throw-down his rake and remove his orange vest - with a huge grin on his face. The guy was having so much fun, I was tempted to take him with us!

But I didn't.

It was a very colorful rest area.

And Mt. Shasta was gorgeous from the northwest as well.

Three's the Charm! Keeping the streak going... we are once again camped at a casino! We're not going inside this one either, but the RV resort at Seven Feathers is one of the finest RV parks we have ever visited. Perfectly laid-out, with every amenity.

We have a huge long paved pull-through site with a cute little picnic table - and the place is loaded with rhododendrons!

"Hello, Terry Taylor - Welcome Back to Oregon."

Our site faces out to the forest, with a view of a covered picnic pavilion...

... and a little creek. How perfect!

And now for something completely different...

The Lovely Lisa and Lenny spent the past week in Hawaii. I wanted to share this pretty photo. Can you even imagine how cute their baby is going to be?

Until my next update, I remain, your Oregon correspondent.

RV Park: Seven Feathers RV Resort - Interstate 5, Exit 99. Super-nice and gorgeous, we just love this resort - though we have never stayed here more than just over-night on our way to/from somewhere. Long paved pull-throughs and back-in sites, with full service, cable and free wifi. Across the freeway from the casino and far enough away from traffic noise. Free shuttle constantly circling to take you to the casino for gaming or dining. Indoor pool, hot tub and fitness center. Gorgeous bathhouse and laundry facilities. We are paying $32. Great deal!