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Chunky Girl Golfs… and other photos

Indio, California:  We golfed yesterday and I fell asleep in my recliner at 9p last night...  somehow forgetting to post this awful photo of myself:

See, boys & girls? If you run 15+ miles a week and eat right, you too could have this svelte runner's body and thin calves. (Sarcasm doesn't read very well, but that last line was written completely in jest. But you knew that, right? Right?) I scored 116, made one par and really didn't have a bad drive all day. Think positive, Terry. 

Keep moving, people, just keep moving!

How about a photo of someone with rolls on his upper arms and thighs - yet is still adorable?

Here is another photo I've been meaning to post for days now:

Renee, Carla & Babs

My pretty sister, Renee (really looking like our Mom in this photo!) and our darling niece, Carla (wearing the earrings we gave her on the recent birthday) and Renee's friend, Babs. Babs is teaching Renee and Carla to cook Indian foods - and Carla will be spending an entire month in India with Babs (and Bab's husband) this summer!

I did not cook Indian food today. I didn't cook anything today. DT knows that after we exercise and shower, I am going to probably say, "I really want some tacos", and then we will head out in search of tacos. Today we finally tried Rubio's, a regional chain focusing on fish tacos. Debbie and Mark recommended we try the original fish tacos, so we did.

The tacos were good, but I think next time I will order the fish grilled instead of the more-authentic-to-Baja-style batter-fried fish fillet.

Though that "crunch" is nice, I prefer a healthier option.

We enjoyed another gorgeous desert sunset this evening!

There is a boat-load of excitement tomorrow at our little trailer park, so be sure to check-back for that thrilling update.

Until my next update, I remain, your chunky correspondent.

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