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A Day at the Races

Indio, California:  Big excitement in our little resort this afternoon - the first annual Boat Races! Luckily for us, the event was held on the canal in front of our RV! We had the best view!

As you probably know - this is the vista from our RV window most days. Just a few boats are docked on a few campsites. The building on the right is called the Yacht Club (I can't make this stuff up). The Yacht Club houses a card room, bath house, laundry center, a pool and hot tub. On the upper floor is a meeting room that is used most-often for church services on Sunday morning. Today, this quiet canal became jam-packed with "yachts" - competitors ready to claim the first title.

Boats in the resort are only allowed electric (or human powered) engines, with a limit of 9 horse power. There are a few canoes and kayaks, but most the boats are only utilized for an evening "booze cruise". The 2-mile waterway is land-locked. There is no where to go.

Serious boating is not an issue here

The rules for the race were few: no other electric engine power, every boat had to contain six people. Otherwise, you could use any other manner to propel your boat - oars, sails, etc. The race format? Time trials, two boats at a time and boats advanced on time to the final race.

Everyone - even a resident Green Heron - attended the exciting event.

Many teams were very organized. Boats were decorated the teams were in uniforms!

I especially enjoyed the "pirate ship", complete with a sail, blasting Jimmy Buffett music.

Skinny Goddess Margarita!!! (Only 86 calories!)I have a feeling I was not the only one enjoying an icy adult beverage.

Using a snow shovel as a paddle was a brilliant plan. Where in the heck do you find a snow shovel in Palm Springs?

Boat that Works

Another boat was blasting Jimmy Buffett music - decorated with a tropical theme. The Boat that Works kept winning and winning and advancing through the rounds - yet this craft did not use oars, only engine power. Interesting.

But then a strange competitor starting winning - two small boats tied together. Each held six people. I think these people took advantage of the loosely-worded rules. Not sure, but they kept winning and we think they won the cup.

Except we don't think there was a prize, except bragging rights. We are not exactly sure and we are not exactly sure if the double-boat won or not.

Maybe our neighbor, Lois, and I had too many Skinny Goddess Margaritas and didn't pay enough attention to the last few races.

The competition ended, the boats headed back to their home docks, two hot air balloons floated over the resort, the sun set and the day ended. It was quite a bit of fun!

Tomorrow, we start the engine on this bus and head south!

Until my next update, I remain, your regattaed correspondent.

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