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Chilled, Not Chilled

Indio, California:  Maybe there is some sense to that old "think on it overnight" scenario, because I am convinced my little brain works on problems while I sleep. After waking this morning, I closed the propped-open doors to the now-pristine refrigerator, flipped the breaker and - dang - if it didn't begin cooling. Immediately, and quickly.

What happened? Was our fridge fixed? Did it only need a day of rest? Why would it suddenly stop working and then begin working again after an overnight off-the-grid rest?

I did not care. The fridge was working again! But I did not go out and purchase food to replenish the larder. I'm not quite that trusting, because...

Drum roll...

We are leaving in the morning. We are driving to Anaheim (in our car) on Thursday to watch Oregon v Duke in the Sweet 16 portion of the NCAA basketball tournament (TBS at 6:55p pacific). No time for a fridge repair. No need for cold food. The repairman is on-call.

With nothing to do besides repacking our suitcases and a mani-pedi on the calendar, we enjoyed a semi-relaxing day while continuing to monitor the temperature in the refrigerator.

There was, of course, lunch at Tacos Gonzalez. They missed us. We missed them.

The best $1.89 you can spend in the Coachella Valley.

After my mani-pedi-haircut, we rested in the motorhome and enjoyed the sunny (and finally not-too-breezy) afternoon.

It's been far too long since this vista has been presented on My Little Blog.

DT was optimistic and purchased a box of Stella beer to put in the fridge. Sadly, this beer will not reach a drinkable temperature because as quickly as the unit chilled this morning, the temperature climbed this afternoon.

Back to Square One. And Square One will have to happen upon our return from Anaheim.

Until my next update, I remain, your once-but-not-now optimistic correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club