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Home Improvements

Indio, California:  While a few of his buddies are still in town for the wedding, DT spent the day golfing. Smart Man. I spent the day at our campsite while our contractor had the place crawling with guys fixing this, repairing that, adding this and replacing that.

There was also all sorts of excitement, in the RV resort this morning... which I will have to only explain to you as it happened too fast for photos. Since this resort has so much landscaping and so much water, it is a natural attraction for water fowl, and some of the water fowl are not particularly welcomed to this country club - especially the Canada Geese. Geese make a huge mess. They poop all over everything. A group of about a dozen geese were swimming in the water in front of our little boat dock. I really wasn't paying much attention to them because they were - for once - not pooping on our boat dock. Out of nowhere I hear a terrible high-pitched sceeeeeech and I see a small boat speeding towards the geese! It was a remote controlled speed boat, about three feet long. The geese took-off, making all sorts of racket as they took wing. But... as soon as the geese were in the air, a small remote controlled airplane-type thingy gave them chase! Half way down the canal, I noticed two men working remote controls, navigating those pesky geese right over the resort wall.

Probably across the street to yet another RV resort. Anyway, it was the highlight of my morning.

Added later: The goose-busters were at it again (after I had posted this column) and I was able to chat with two fellows from Coot N Goose Busters and snap a few photos.

The little power boat was whizzing around the canal and the kite-type remote control plane was buzzing overhead. (This must be the most fun job ever.) Both remote-controlled craft make a loud screeching noise. This must be the most fun job ever. Turns out the Goose Busters work at resort hotels and golf courses all over the Coachella Valley. Their focus is on scaring the geese away - without harming the animals - for purposes of keeping a healthy population and maintaining a safe water quality. I just want the dang critters to stop pooping all over our boat dock! Did you know a goose produces one pound of poop per day? Where is Alex Trebek when you need him?

In other exciting developments:

The cabinet hardware has been installed. I just love the way they look on the kitchen cabinets.

The electrician came by and together we sorted out which light switch operates which light. We have two of these switch panels in the covered pavilion. We tested the ceiling heaters. They work. We tested the gas fire place. It works.

The mini-blinds arrived and were installed. Nice!

A worker installed all the bathroom fixtures - towel bar, guest towel rack - with a matching toilet lever, and of course, this important piece of equipment:

The television lifting system was situated and readied for a TV.

While going over everything with the electrician, I learned that there are lights in the glass cabinets next to the fireplace, the building has been pre-plumbed/wired for a misting system, there are all sorts of electronic devices situated to deter thieves and there is a heater in the bathroom.

Woody & Kathy are the only wedding guests left in town tonight. DT and I went to dinner with them this evening. So sad that the occasion has passed, but we are so pleased with the wedding - the flowers, the food, the wine, the hotel, the decor - and we are so happy Lisa and Lenny are married. We were overwhelmed that so many people from all around the world made the effort to travel to Palm Springs to celebrate Lisa & Lenny! Our hearts are filled with so much love. I will post a few more wedding photos soon, so until my next update, I remain, your improved correspondent.

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