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Dinner to Go

DT and I are actually hitting the road at the end of the week! We are loading up the Magna Peregrinus and pointing her south.

Rose Bowl or Bust!

Before heading south, we are spending a few day in Central Oregon visiting my parents - and we are bringing dinner. Mom saw the photos I posted Friday of my latkes and started craving latkes. Mom asked me to make latkes while we are visiting. She also wants my Beef Brisket. So, guess what? I'm cooking! Does this this makes me a caterer? Reminds of a photo I snapped this afternoon:

Maybe Mom will tip me?

DT worries that the dude/dudette in the above photo never aspires beyond a Domino's Pizza Delivery job so much that he paid for an Oregon vanity plate?

Until my next update - from Central Oregon - I remain, your pizza-loving correspondent.