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Catching Up + Packing Up

Indio, California:  The three-day software reset thingamagiggy idea did not work on my Jeep. The start/stop features still works only three times and shuts off. I may not mess with this until we return home to Oregon for the summer, as this feature is not pertinent to basic operation of the vehicle.

Other software issues continue to plague us. Our new awnings are not cooperating with the new wind sensor system.

Strange situations persist. The system is "supposed" to be programmed so both awnings will retract, and the drop-down screens will wind back into their housing during windy situations. At this point, only the south awning retracts.

And... if the drop-down screen is down, the south awning comes in, but the drop-down screen does not retract. Instead, the drop-down screen crashes/smashes into my tomato plants.

Momma Not Happy... and I can't imagine the veggies are enjoying this situation either.

And the offer to Governor Brown still stands. It rained on and off for two days after we had our motorhome washed.

Coachella Valley: You. Are. Welcome.

On the bright side, Tamra and Steve sent the most beautiful bouquet to thank us for hosting them last weekend. The flowers are gorgeous - but the vase is a fantastic vintage-style number in my favorite pink!

The resident real estate agent at the Motorcoach Country Club, Kerry Johnston, held his annual "thank you, clients" cocktail party at the resort clubhouse Sunday evening. Johnston is the sole estate agent in this resort. If you own a lot here, you most-likely bought it from Kerry Johnston. He is a native Oregonian, from the Eugene-area, and a popular member of this community. Most everyone gathers at the clubhouse for his annual party. Cocktails are flowing. Fabulous foods are being passed. Everyone is happy. This party is one of the highlights of the season.

Hey, look at DT and Captain Jim fetching cocktails for their brides during Kerry's party.

Dave and I tried to have Happy Hour Tuesday with our neighbors, Sally & Alf. We drove all the way to Palm Springs to enjoy Happy Hour at Johannes, only to learn they are now only offering Happy Hour menus/prices at a few bar stools and at two tables-for-two in the bar. We were upset (as previously we had dined in the bar at regular tables during Happy Hour). We still enjoyed fine meals in the dining room at a table-for-four-at-double-happy-hour-prices instead of sitting four-abreast at the bar.


Perfect Wienerschnitzel

Perfect Spaetzle

It's hard to complain about perfection, even at full price.

Lucy can now say Bubbe. Genius!

So, Bubbe, now that Lucy as conquered saying your name, what are you going to do?

We are all going to Disneyland!

Until my next update, I remain, your Anaheim-bound correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club