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Casita Update

TrackTown, USA: Yep, we are still in Eugene, Oregon. Dave had meetings all day Monday and Tuesday, so we decided to stay since we have our cozy motorhome in town. Not a lot going on, just running up and down the hill and driving around doing errands for My Driver. The entire City of Eugene is simply walking on air over the fabulous weekend of track & field at Historic Hayward Field. 

It has been a while since I have posted photos from our contractor of our build-out in Indio at the Motorcoach Country Club. It is basically shocking how fast the casita is being built. Arnold says it goes very fast at first, then slows down when he has to wait for plumbing, electric, etc., inspections.

Captain Jim snapped this photo yesterday on his way to celebrate his birthday at Castelli's in Palm Desert. (Happy Birthday, Sailor!) All the concrete has been removed - save a 45-foot-long footprint for the Magna Peregrinus. All of the lawn has been removed and a massive shade-structure - with a teeny casita attached - has gone up. In three weeks. Arnold has 42 employees and is working on 8 different lots at the MCC over the summer. The crew start very early in the morning, as the temperature climbs over 100° every day now in the Coachella Valley.

Our bus will park on the cement slab in the bottom of this photo

By this afternoon the columns had been framed and all sorts of wires will be strung through them - lights, ceiling fans, ceiling heaters, a misting system and G-d-only-knows-what-else will be operated from controls on the columns. Arnold wires for everything whether we ask for it or not. Later, we may want surround sound or a Wii gaming system. Who knows?

Arnold knows.

That's alotta stuff in the ceiling! Notice the ceiling is coffered? Arnold runs rope lights under the coffers because he pays attention to every detail.

All I had to do was choose the brick, tile and a toilet.

And write a few checks.

This evening, Captain Jim and Mary took another drive by our site in their golf cart and noticed insulation had been delivered and the fire pit is starting to take shape! Eventually, the heat is going to get to Captain Jim & Mary and they will return to their home in Vancouver, Washington. What will I do without their constant vigil? What great friends! Thank you!

Mary is in the golf cart! Hi, Mary - we all see you!
(The insulation matches your outfit.)

Grab a glass of wine, or a marshmallow on a stick - we have a fire pit!
Just thinking about how much fun we are going to have with Leo around this fire pit. Sigh.

I am posting updates on the casita experiment regularly. There is a link to CASITA 322 on the left column of every page, under my ugly mugshot.

Until my next update, I remain, your hard hat correspondent.