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Casita Update

I am happy to report that I am typing this update from my little office behind the kitchen at our home in Portland - and am even happier to report that DT is home as well. I spent the morning cleaning our dirty RV from top to bottom and then drove the Honda home - stopping at the grocer to refill our larder for the holiday. Dave worked until about five o'clock and then also drove two hours north and we enjoyed a lovely home-cooked meal together - the first in quite a very long while!

After dinner Dave brought out the calendar and an atlas. We looked over our options. We are going on a RV vacation next week!

Try to contain your excitement.

It has been far too long since an update on our casita construction in Indio (Lot 322 in the Motorcoach Country Club that we purchased in April 2011) has been posted on this website. So sorry. Our contractor, Arnold Castro, sends photos constantly, but I have neglected to post them in favor of news of runners, hammer throwers or Baby Leo. I think the photos have been seen by my girlfriends as they have arrived to my cell phone during the races, but DT has yet to see the updates.

Won't he be surprised!

This photo, from 20 June, shows the stucco has been finished - ready for brick - and the tile has been delivered to the roof. The larger window will be in the main area of the casita and the smaller window is in the shower area. The half-wall area will hold DT's grill... that we do not own yet.

On 28 June - during the men's steeplechase final - Arnold sent this photo of the ceramic floor tiles being placed/spaced. The build-out to the far right corner will hold a gas fireplace and a massive television will pop-up from behind the fireplace. Thieves have yet to figure-out how to steal the pop-up televisions from the resort, so hopefully we will be lucky and keep our TV for a season or two before evil criminals find a way to ruin our day (insurance premiums and wallets).

29 July - Our shower tile is finished! I have no idea how/why I chose these rocky things as the shower floor, but it is fun and different. The rocks are also the background for the inset cut-out that will hold the shampoo bottles, etc. The shower stall will have a shower head and a tub-fill... just in case someone needs to fill a plastic baby bathtub.

On the same day, Arnold sent this photo of the finished tile floor. Beautiful.

And a view from the other side... I asked Arnold - at the last minute - if he could add brick to the interior wall between the living and kitchen area. He said yes, and then decided the end of the kitchen counter should also be brick to tie it all together. Notice the coved ceilings - Arnold installs rope lights inside. Classy.

I love Arnold. He loves spending our money!

The door to the casita will be stained dark to match the kitchen cabinets that are being built this week. A pretty slab of granite will cover the kitchen peninsula and the TV/fireplace area. Arnold will choose the wall paint color. I would never be able to decide and Arnold has much better taste/style.

I received this very busy photo this afternoon. It was 102 degrees in Indio, California today! The tile roof has been installed - beautiful! The cement team is making a border of concrete around the edge of the area to be covered with paving stones. Looks like the ceiling is being plastered. 

In my spare time, I am going to start looking for furniture to fill the living/dining areas of the pavilion... right after I get full-time into wedding-planning mode. October 6th is creeping up F-A-S-T!

DT and I send HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY wishes to you all! We hope your picnics are fun, safe and filled with fabulous foods. We hope your tables are filled with the faces of those you love. 

I will not be posting tomorrow, but will be cooking up a storm - grilling chicken, making potato salad, corn on the cob, home-made vanilla ice cream with fresh berries... probably the same thing millions of Americans are preparing tomorrow. Have a great holiday!

Happy Birthday, America!

Until my next update, I remain, your Portland correspondent.