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5th of July

I hope you all enjoyed a Happy 4th of July celebration. Dave and I stayed home - didn't leave the property all day on our Nation's birthday. We actually had a sunny Oregon day for once. Like many people across this vast country, our menu included grilled chicken, potato salad and corn on the cob.

Our chicken had a southwest-style rub with garlic, salt, pepper, oregano, cumin, paprika, chile powder, cayenne pepper, olive oil and hot sauce - and it pretty much charred the skin, making for a crispy spicy crust. Ugly, but delicious. The organic bone-in split breasts were so massive, we couldn't even finish one together.

In homage to my Mom, I used sweet pickles in the potato salad this year. I normally use dill pickles, but it was fun to play for the other team this year.

We are still recovering from two weeks in Eugene. Laundry. Emails. Bills. Mail. We are both still pretty tired and I just can't get back into the swing of things - especially with a very long list of tasks taped to the wall in front of my computer. Plus, I am a little down because Leo went back to Los Angeles and we came home to this in our kitchen:

Boo Hoo! We also came home to find a few things rearranged and plenty of stuff moved to higher shelves. (Worst. Bubbe. Ever.) That highchair came into our possession circa 1996 when our niece, Delaney, was born. I suppose it no longer meets safety standards, but Lisa used it while she was here and Leo survived the feedings.

Little Man seems to be thriving.

The above photo came in from Los Angeles this afternoon with this caption from Lisa:Why do I buy Leo toys? Is this photo the first hint that Baby Leo will take-after most people on his Mother's side and love to cook?


Pretty Please.

This evening Dave and I were guests of Kathy & Woody for a lovely "thank you for great seats at the Olympic Trials" and "we are going away for a month-plus and will miss you" dinner at Cafe Mingo in Beaverton, Oregon.

Wild Sockeye Salmon with polenta cakes and Panzanella

Kathy & Woody are having a Most Excellent Adventure. Their #3 child, Katie, is best friends with 2x-Olympic Gold Medal fencer Mariel Zagunis - and they are all heading off to London to watch Mariel compete in her third games. (I bet you didn't know Oregon is not only the hot-bed of track & field, but we also produce some of the best fencers in the world!) Our friends will also spend time with their #1 child who lives in England with her husband (they are having a baby in October!!!). In their spare time, Kathy & Woody are visiting Egypt and the pyramids! So jealous. Hopefully they will send lots of photos so I can live vicariously occasionally post updates of their adventures on this website.

After spending so much time with our friends in Eugene over the past few weeks, it is going to be very hard so see them go. We will miss them too much, but know they will be having so much fun with their kids in Europe - and having such a rare adventure in Egypt! Have fun, Dear Friends - and thank you so much for a wonderful meal tonight.

Until my next update, I remain, your grateful correspondent.