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Camped in Coburg

Eugene, Oregon: We are back in our RV! Yeah! Jump for Joy! I am so happy! (Can you tell?) We had a bit of an experiment (and an experience) getting down to Eugene today too. Eugene is only a two-hour drive from our home. We will be here for five nights to attend the USATF National Championships. Friends will gather. Lisa and our niece will come and go. We will spend a lot of time at Hayward Field and I hope to snap tons of photos of muscle-bound men athletes in form-fitting their uniforms with my marvelous new camera. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and America will send a fabulous team to Berlin for the World Championships. Before you ask: ja, we are going to Berlin. The Magna Peregrinus is housed at a very nice RV storage facility about 25 miles from our house. Today, our RV was 25 miles in the same direction we were driving, so we tried something new. I am sure many people camp this way... but today we put everything we needed for the next five-six days in our Honda CRV tow-car and drove it to the storage facility, put our belongings and a few breakfast items in the bus, hitched-up the Honda and continued south on I-5. (Usually, we bring the bus to our house and load-her-up.) We hope this new system works, but we have a great back-up plan: anything we have forgotten, Lisa can bring when she drives down in the morning! Our plan worked well-enough today and all was going smoothly until I reached up to pull the string to bring the garage door to our RV storage unit down and the rope broke - leaving a 14-foot-tall RV garage door completely out of reach! My Driver is a very clever fellow and used our extending awning hook to reach-up and snag the door! Admit it. You have missed the daily photo of the Magna Peregrinus, haven't you? Premier RV Resort, Site 142

So here we are at Exit 199 off I-5, just north of Eugene, Oregon in Coburg at the very nice Premier RV Resorts. This week we have a front-in lake-view site. It sounds very nice, but the sites were designed for smaller RVs and we need an extension cord for our shore power. However, we do have this lovely view: The view from here

(Vegetarian) Capri Pizza from Ciao Pizza in Springfield, Oregon

DT and I had a delicious pizza at Ciao Pizza before attending a cocktail party for track & field people. Everyone is SO EXCITED for the meet this week! (Me too!) Until my next update from Hayward Field, I remain your track & field correspondent.