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A day for the birds

We had another interesting day. The morning was quite relaxing... a little work at the computer, several cups of coffee with the newspaper, walks with Our Grand Dawg, exercising. And, of course, I snapped-away with my new camera.

Lavender in our garden (again... sorry, it is just so pretty)

Apparently there is something in the lavender quail enjoy quite a bit - they were scratching around, but bolted the moment I appeared, so sorry, no quail photos (today). How about hummingbirds?

Our hummingbird feeder (circa 1990) has more action than most barstools. The nectar is cloudy because we tried organic sugar... and you know what... the little hummers like the white stuff best!

Oops! Here comes some competition

Speaking of birds... the chicks in this family went to lunch at McMenamin's (again). Our niece Delaney (visiting from Colorado) wishes she could eat a McMenamin's burger every day while she is in Oregon. Our daughter wishes she could have a pint of Ruby every day while she is home.)

Delaney with her small lunch at the Greenway Pub McMenamin's

McMenamin's cheeseburger with fries

Lisa had a turkey melt sandwich and I also ordered a cheeseburger... but I want you to know (after four miles on the treadmill this morning) I did not order fries.

I ordered tots.

And though I have not been to the mall for at least three years, I have been to the mall twice already this week. This is what happens when you have a 14-year-old niece visiting - they just love to go to the mall.

You wouldn't believe what Delaney noticed outside the deck off the guest suite when we returned from the mall:

Looks like someone escaped their cage

He (adult male, by the way) was very friendly and would whistle back at Delaney and I
as we tried to coax him to our fingers. No way was he coming anywhere near us though.

However, he still was very friendly.

The last we saw of him, he was flying fast - deep into the forest - with two Towhees in serious pursuit.

Tomorrow, DT and I head to Eugene in our motorhome. Check this site daily for reports from the USATF National Championships. Until my next update, I remain, your Avian correspondent.