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So Much Trouble

DT and I were up with the chickens this morning. Much to accomplish today. First coffee the New York Times crossword puzzle and a run - then we tackled Lisa's childhood bedroom suite, which we are transforming into a family-friendly retreat for Lisa, Lenny and Leo's visits to Oregon.

And by visits, I mean Thursday.


Amazing how someone so small can cause so many changes in our lives.

I realize I neglected to post "after" photos of Lisa's (childhood) bathroom remodel, finished last November - just as we were heading south for the winter. My bad. Everything came down to such a crunch before our departure, we ended-up postponing the new carpet for her room until last week:

New carpet being installed by Koeber's in Beaverton, Oregon

Newly painted (in November), this is Lisa's sitting room. The room beyond this room (with the dark blue wall) is her bedroom. To the left of the bedroom is a bath and walk-in closet. Everything is in one all-inclusive suite.

Poor Little Thang.


Today, we re-positioned the furniture, dusted, vacuumed, put the "art" on the wall and baby-proofed as much as possible to ready the room for their first-ever stay in Lisa's room. Every time Lisa and Lenny visit Oregon, they stay in our guest room. No more! There is still a massive "void" on the wall above the little media cabinet. A TV will soon occupy that wall. And by "soon", I mean sometime after we return next spring.

Or whenever we get around to buying a television.

Or when Leo demands some sort of video gaming system/console/whatever so he isn't bored while visiting Bubbe.

Little Dude has not been forgotten. Spaceship sheets on his little crib. Lisa's childhood baby books on the shelf. Lisa's 31-year-old baby blankets ready to keep him warm.

Hope Leo likes pink!

Fluffy duvet on a four-poster! Pillows needlepointed by me! The framed "art" on the wall is a fabulous Hermes silk scarf. Lisa had it framed in high school - she is so clever.

So here - apparently for the first time ever - are the "after" photos of the bathroom remodel. We did not change the floor plan, just updated everything. Replaced the vanity, replaced the fiberglass shower stall with a custom marble shower. Replaced a set-in tub with a free-standing tub. Replaced the vinyl floor with marble. The bathroom is massive - 10x14 - with 10-foot ceilings.

Did someone just throw-up a Pottery Barn catalog?

Not so quick. I found the little antique drawer (hanging between the vanity mirrors) - with an Eiffel Tower liner - on eBay for just a few bucks.

Yes, this bathtub looks luxurious and inviting, but there is a Sponge Bob Square Pants tub mat in there somewhere.

The bathroom has a Paris/Eiffel Tower theme. Everything is very French. The oak table is not French, but it belonged to My Mother. I refinished it for her and I am so happy it has been repurposed in the remodel. The fancy antique wooden French champagne crate is stashed with rolls of toilet paper.


After our hard work, DT and I were so pleased with ourselves. We really do work well together. To celebrate, I made a huge all-organic salad with greens, green pepper, avocado, radish, cucumber, sliced olives and grape tomatoes - while DT grilled chicken breasts that had been marinating all day in garlic and white wine.

Every time DT grills chicken or fish, our meddlesome neighbors come out and stare at him. They are so rude. I have no idea how many raccoons are in this photo. We saw at least three at one point.

We deserved this delicious meal.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I love trouble" correspondent.