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Busy Day in Eugene

Eugene, Oregon: Still in The Eug, and though it rained overnight - it did not rain all day. We actually had a bit of sunshine which was quite shocking and so very pleasant.

Especially for running! I slogged through three pitifully-slow miles around the RV resort. I just wasn't brave enough to face any more road rage from the angry beer-for-breakfast set today. Didn't want to risk that it was a usual route for the poop-head. I did have a few dogs bark at me, but I suspect they were just upset I did not stop to give them a head scratch.

DT had a meeting this afternoon at the new Alumni Center on the University of Oregon campus, so I tagged-along to see the new structure.

Only open a few weeks, the building also houses the University Development offices and the University of Oregon Foundation.

It is an impressive building - and with all the sunshine pouring in through the expanse of glass, it was very pretty inside!

The tall panels are interactive touch-screens! It is either really, really cool or really, really a huge waste of money. Not sure. Since this fabulous building also houses the place where prospective students meet to tour the campus, I imagine these interactive screens will be very popular. We really enjoyed our tour of the new facility.

After his meeting, we stopped by the new Cabela's to buy socks. Is there no end to our exciting life?

Here are a few photos I received today from my family:

Carla snapped this photo her Mom (my sister, Renee) enjoying house-made sorbet at Mother's Bistro in Portland. Today is Renee's birthday! We will be seeing her this weekend on the Oregon Coast.

My brother, Steve, is camping with his family at Grand Lake (near Rocky Mountain National Park) in Colorado. They saw a moose! A big boy moose! So exciting. We will be seeing Steve this weekend on the Oregon Coast!

This photo (from my brother Ken) is of Gabriel - the only great-grandchild (so far!) in our family. Gabriel and his Mom have arrived to Oregon from North Carolina. His Mom is our niece, Sarah, (Ken's daughter). We will see them all on the Oregon Coast this weekend. Sadly, we will not be seeing Sarah's husband, as he is busy at Fort Bragg - and apparently The Lovely Lisa is unfit to travel.

However, all my siblings will be together on the Oregon Coast this weekend!

This evening, DT and invited our friend, Jesse Thomas to carbo load dinner at Beppi & Gianni's. Jesse is fresh-off his 10th place finish in the Vineman Ironman. Not only did Jesse finish 10th out of over 2000 entrants, he had the best over-all run. Know why? In his past life, Jesse ran track at Stanford University. Jesse is married to Lauren Fleshman, a professional runner for NIKE Oregon Track Club Elite. Lauren is in Europe to race the 5000m in Stockholm this week - so we knew he was "baching it" and would enjoy a meal out.

NOTE: In my 17 years of blogging, I believe that is the most links I have ever posted in one paragraph. Congratulations, Jesse & Lauren!

Imagine our surprise when our goddaughter, Natalie, and her Mom, Tamra, (we lived together in Taipei in the 1980's) walked into the restaurant! Natalie is here for freshman orientation! We had ourselves a table for five tonight.

Down at the "boys end" of the table, clams & mussels were served.

Caprese salads were served down at the feminine side of the table. For dinner, we all enjoyed an assortment of authentic Italian fare. Never disappointed at Beppe & Gianni's.

Blurry photos of DT & Jesse rocking the aviators

Natalie, Tamra & Terry
New shoes were killing my injured toe tonight, but I looked great!

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.

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