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Bus Wash

Indio, California: Oh, the joys of dog sitting! Don't you just love waking up before seven o'clock, immediately getting dressed and taking the pooch for a walk before you have even had a cup of coffee (not to mention running a comb through your hair)? Little Reese wants to go out - so out we go!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, DT had the coffee ready when I returned. There is nothing like having a cup of coffee with your beloved in the sunshine and quiet of the morning!

Mother Nature is trying to cooperate with the Coachella Music Festival. The festival has been moved up two weeks on the calendar due to the usual high heat in late April... so this weekend the temperatures are only going to be in the 90's... instead of the usual 100's. Wicked hot, either way.

This afternoon we had a bus wash scheduled with Dynamic Mobile Detailing (760-324-0935). Every time we are in the area, we always have Paul and his skilled crew wash our RV. They do a fabulous job, charge reasonable rates and are very professional.

Since it was so hot today and the sun was beating down on our windscreen, the crew from Dynamic Mobile Detailing used a fine mist to temper the glass before hosing it down - this way the cold water won't crack the windscreen... because that would not make DT very happy.

The roof is also washed - notice the dude gently pressure-washing the top of our bus!

Paul (far left)) and his sister, Carol, run the business. The crew have been with them for eight years - and they know the right way to treat your RV.

Reese was there to supervise the entire procedure. Since Lisa had Reese bathed and groomed yesterday... you know Reese's favorite place this afternoon was laying in the wet concrete. (Sorry, Lisa.)

All awnings are extended and hosed off with a pressure washer - and left to dry. It didn't take long for a wet awning to dry in Indio today!

The bus is washed - and dried. The tires are treated.

The inside of every bay door is wiped-down. The mud flap is polished. Today our slide-room seals were treated with 303 Aerospace Protectant with SPF 40.

Because, you know, we all need our SPF!

So pretty and shiny!

And next the crew heads out to tackle another motorcoach.

Leaving us to enjoy our evening.

And we did enjoy our evening. We have learned... from years of experience... if you are at the Motorcoach Country Club during the Coachella Music Festival you run your errands (i.e. ship your orders) EARLY. And by early, I mean you are back to your RV by 10 o'clock in the morning. We have also learned that if you want to buy a bag of ice on Sunday, you are out of luck. If you want to buy a six pack of beer on Sunday during the Coachella Music Festival, you had better be a big fan of Natty Lite, because that was all we found in the beer cooler last year on Sunday afternoon.

Plan ahead.

We heard from Our Girl only once all day. It was at 10:30 this morning and she was driving back to her rental house after enjoying a lovely breakfast with her Grandfather at Sherman's Deli. Lisa had a great time with her Grandfather and was on her way to a manicure/pedicure appointment. Oh, the life of a Coachella hipster!

The big news is the terrible volcanic eruption in Iceland causing delays in nearly every airline flying in/out of Europe. Already due to the eruption, The CribsFrightened Rabbit, and Bad Lieutenant will not be appearing at the Coachella Music Festival.

I know.

I have never heard of them either.

Until my next update, I remain, your bus-bound correspondent.

RV Park:
 Motorcoach Country Club. The nicest RV resort in America. Trust me. The MCCC is a motorcoach-exclusive RV resort. 400 sites - all privately-owned. Sites include 50 amp power on paved sites, water, sewer, cable, wifi and natural gas. Three pools and numerous spas, waterway for electric boats, restaurant, bar, fitness center, three tennis courts. Convenient location. Gorgeous facility.