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Sisters, Oregon: In the scheme of things, today was a fairly mellow day. We had no real plans. No where to go. Nothing to do.

You realize that only lasts about 15 seconds around here, right?

Dad and Mary were spending the day/night in Bend, having their new tow car hitched-up to their motorhome. While Dad and Mary were waiting in the shop, we drove into Bend and took them to a long lunch. After lunch, we stopped by to get DT's watch band repaired (it literally flew-off his wrist while he was clapping at the track meet this weekend) and ran into a very old (Taiwan days) friend, Brian!

We rushed back to the motorhome to watch USA v Ghana (I am a futbol fan). Imagine our surprise when there was a knock on our door and I peered out to see our friends Pat, Ali, Ouest and Lowe of Bumfuzzle fame! Long story short - we have followed this young couple as they have traversed the world via catamaran, VW van, Porsche, sailboat and now a restored 1966 Dodge Travco motorhome. They have two adorable young children (Lowe and Leo were born just a few days apart) and Ali occasionally needs information (usually from a foreign shore) on immunizations or some-such child-related issue and she and Lisa email back and forth. They have been to our house and we read each other every day.

We knew they were in Nevada, headed to Portland, but were so surprised to see their smiling faces at our door this afternoon. We both have very unique RV's - it's easy to find each other on the road.

Ouest (4) & Lowe (2) race around their home on wheels

I had watched (on line) as Pat turned this antique motorhome into a show place. He completely striped the interior and put-down new flooring, refinished the kitchen cabinets and turned the bedroom into a bunkhouse for the kids. They had the furniture reupholstered and Pat spent countless hours on the engine, brakes, etc. There is still a lot of work to do, but the motorhome runs suitably now and serves them well.

Ali & Pat in their gorgeous Travco

Bumfuzzle Family

They spent the afternoon in our motorhome, watching the World Cup and playing dominos with the kids... and by "playing dominos", I mean Bubba and Ouest (pronounced West) stacking the tiles as high as possible.

The kids had fun, the adults have caught-up, America beat Ghana. All is well. 

Sister-in-Law Ali is out of town, so Brother Rick came to our motorhome for dinner - hot German potato salad and chicken sausages, with a tomato salad. So nice being able so spend so much time with family... and as with most families anywhere in the world... around the table.

Until my next update, I remain, your reunited correspondent.

RV PARK: Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort - Formerly the Sisters KOA. Don't let the name fool you, this place is only 4 miles from Sisters and nearly 20 to Bend. Really a beautiful campground with everything you could need, except water pressure. Fire pits, picnic tables, free wifi, store, bath houses, laundry, heated pool, hot tub. Open all year. Next to Sisters Rodeo grounds. We paid $52 per night - summer rates!