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Home Again

Overnight, the temperature dropped to near freezing in Central Oregon. For someone wintering in the Palm Springs area, the weather proved just-too-much.

We pointed the motorhome towards Portland and found fresh snow as we passed by the HooDoo Ski Bowl. Quite a bit of snow. Snow? Middle of June?

We must be in Oregon!

Dave and I stopped for a lunch break at the Detroit Dam. The barrier across the Santiam (San-tee-am - rhymes with Auntie Em!) River, was built before I was born. The created lake is a favorite recreation area for boating, water skiing and fishing.

Today the reservoir was socked-in with the clouds that brought all the snow to HooDoo.

The up-river side of the dam is a popular fishing spot. Today anglers were catching 12-inch-long rainbow trout.

Downstream, the Santiam River flows to the Willamette (Will-am-it - rhymes with Will Damn It!) River, and then north to the Columbia River and out to the Pacific Ocean.

We left our motorhome at her storage garage. She looked fabulous, with shiny new tires and new batteries. We returned to our much-neglected home and I cooked one ofour favorite dinners... while watching the NCAA Track & Field Championships - A G A I N -  on our DVR.

It's how we roll.

Until my next update, I remain, your reorganizing correspondent.