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Blurry Photos of Leo

Los Angeles, California: Leo's parents like to receive photos of their son while on safari in Africa. Nearly every remote safari camp they have stayed has been some-how connected to the internet and they most-always have been able to use their cell phones. (I suppose if we can have satellite internet from a dish on the roof of our RV, it is certainly available to a tent in the Serengeti.) Anyhoo... the easiest way to text-message a photo is to actually snap the photo with the phone... so today, Dear Readers, do not adjust your eyeglasses. 

The following photos are just plain blurry. Even if they are of the Cutest Baby Ever.


The Darling Boy slept a blissful eleven hours overnight. When he woke (just before 7a) and cried-out, I brought him into bed with DT and myself. Leo was so sweet! He was smiling, cooing and cuddly. He must have kissed me twenty times on the cheek and each time he kissed me, he said, "Mmmmm", like I was the sweetest thing in the world.

Melt My Heart.

Then our day began.

Leo has his own iPod-thingy. (Doesn't every baby?) It is loaded with baby-friendly tunes and he carries it around dancing, singing and clapping. Notice the photo on the right where Leo is playing music and eating a (organic Paul Newman) fig cookie (i.e. Fig Newman)? It was Leo's second Fig Newman of the day... resulting in his second nasty nappy change of the day.

Lesson learned.

Sorry. Super Blurry. Dude loves olives.

Here is a photo of Danger Baby. He pulled his xylophone over to this end table and used the xylophone to boost himself up. We totally blame Lenny's parents for teaching Leo this trick last week.

It poured rain all day in Los Angeles - complete with thunder and lightning. Our plan for an afternoon in the park was repurposed to a trip to the market. Leo remained in the cart for about ten minutes - then he wanted to push the cart. DT is so extraordinarily patient with Leo. DT controlled Leo pushing the cart while I hastened to fill the cart with my carefully organized list. Shopping in an unfamiliar market always takes a bit longer and by the time we were ready to checkout, Leo was ready to meltdown. Luckily the market has a nice bakery and the nice lady at the nice bakery served up a nice cookie, which kept Leo happy long enough for us to pay and get outta there.

I will never understand how so many grocery delivery services go out of business.

(Lisa, in case you are counting, that's three cookies in one day.)

Leo "cooking" dinner - and in front of the (real) oven, repeating the word HOT over and over.
The oven was hot. I was oven-roasting French "fries" for Leo.

I prepared a classic American meal for Leo this evening. Burger & Fries.... or 2 inches of local organic beef, oven-roasted French fries and a little catsup. Of course, I also steamed a little broccoli because Leo's favorite food in the entire whole wide world is broccoli. (After Leo was asleep, DT and I dined on Sole Almandine and Caesar Salad.) Leo ate the broccoli first. Then he ate the potatoes and devoured the beef. Then Leo asked for more potatoes and ate about ten more fries. Oinker! The only thing Leo did not finish was the catsup... but I must say it was some pretty funky stuff from Trader Joe. Not Heinz.

Leo is the sun and the moon. There is nothing like grandchildren - blurry or otherwise.

Until my next update, I remain, your infatuated correspondent.