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Los Angeles, California: Yo! Mom and Dad, you aren't the only ones on safari. Bubbe and Bubba took me to Africa AND India this morning. We even made a quick stop in Cambodia to see some efalants.

Most of the safari, I walked. But sometimes I didn't walk in the direction my grandparents wished. This is when Bubba would give me a ride or they would put me in my stroller. Oh, boy, did I wiggle and scream when they put me in the stroller. They don't understand I am Big Boy now and can walk on my own. I walked about 379 miles today!

This safari place has a very cool window with lizards and snakes. I really like looking at the lizards and snakes (and my Dad just hates lizards and snakes).

I watched a lizard eat over... um... let's see, I can't count yet... I saw him eat a wholebuncha big red grapes. He didn't even chew. Whoa - known choking hazard for me and my pals.

Daddy, if you are reading this via the wifi in your rustic Tanzanian safari tent, please notice the glass window between me and the lizard.

Bubbe asked me to pose in the circley snake. Then she snapped a photo with her phone and messaged it to your phone in the wilds of Africa. Did we scare you? Ha. Ha. Relax, Pops, it is just a sculpture of a snake. It's not real.

Also, I need a spray tan.


We saw lots of animals on our safari - elephants, tigers, apes, monkeys, flamingos and giraffes.


Bengal Tiger

I was trying to have a meltdown because it was time for my nap, so they strapped me into my stroller and rushed as fast they could out of the safari place. As soon as we arrived home, I ate half an avocado and a scrambled egg and fell asleep for a very long nap.

This safari stuff can be very tiring.