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Big Monday

Indio, California:  Though our day was quite ordinary - working, running, errands - today was the national championship football game. Okay, our day wasn't really that ordinary, as it was 72 degrees and we had this view:

If we occasionally didn't need groceries or cargo shorts (or need to cuddle the Cutest Baby Ever), we would probably never leave this gorgeous resort.

DT and I are getting ready to plot-out our casita and "covered area" build-out. We are going to visit the local hardware store to purchase flags to use as stakes - so we can get some-sort of an idea as to how much lawn we will lose when we add our outdoor living space.

But mostly we were just enjoying our view.

Which changes every hour.

And our vista is especially lovely as the sun sets and the shadows on the mountains below Joshua Tree National Park are so dramatic.

After our meat-laden lunch at Sherman's Deli yesterday, and no dinner at all last night, it was probably best we went vegan tonight. We had several tomatoes that needed to be used (or tossed), so I caramelized a few shallots with garlic, added the chopped tomatoes, a little fresh basil, white wine, dried chilies, salt and pepper to make a savory sauce for orecchiette (little ears) pasta. All organic - even the pasta.

About the game tonight. I was hoping the Crimson Tide would roll all over LSU. Apparently this was not the best outcome as it would make our pre-season loss to LSU even more worthless. But I have never met less-appealing fans as the LSU Tigers. Having complete strangers walk up to me at the Oregon v LSU game and yell TIGER BAIT TIGER BAIT in my face and having complete strangers toss pieces of bread at my feet (feeding the Ducks; classy, eh?) made me root for Alabama. Maybe this will make a few of my Dear Readers angry with me, but this is my blog and I write about my life experiences and I experienced nasty stuff from LSU fans in Dallas last September.

Also, I hope the BCS flushes itself down a toilet.

PS: Was Brent Musburger drunk?


Until my next update, I remain, your opinionated correspondent.

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