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Bastille Day

La Quinta, California: There was no prison-storming, and no one lost their head, but we still like to observe Bastille Day. Any reason for steak frites and the bubbly. And just like 1789, this serf won a bit of freedom - our dishwasher was finally delivered and installed. Ordered in February! We no longer need to wash the dishes before they go in the dishwasher. Viva la New Zealand (home of Fisher-Paykel appliances).

There is definitely a FREE BRITNEY thing going on in SoCal. I haven't been following-along too much, but it seems to me this woman should be able to handle her own finances? Lucy's dance camp has a FREE BRITNEY theme, and Lisa asked me to pick up cookies from a La Quinta baker:

Enough, already!

This was to be a "no cook" week. Salad on Monday, we went out Tuesday, gazpacho Thursday and chicken salad sandwiches Friday… but you can't make steak frites without cooking. Appetizers were sliced baguette and St. Andres cheese:

Oh, yeah, we used the fancy plates.

The little fillet mignons were seared in a cast iron skillet, then finished in a 400° oven. While the steaks rested, I whipped-up a sauce with grainy mustard, cognac, and cream. The fries were made (using this method) and kept warm in the oven. I used only one medium-sized Yukon Gold potato.

Guess what we did after dinner? Watched the Tour de France.

Until my next update, I remain, your French correspondent.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of week.
    The fries look so yummy! Do you soak the cut fries in cold
    water before drying and frying?

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