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Flag Pole Faux Pas

La Quinta, California: I ordered a flag pole several months ago and asked My Driver to install it on a pillar in our driveway. It is our custom to fly the country flag of visitors, national holidays, 4th of July, Flag Day, etc., and we have lived here nearly a year without a flag pole. Alors! Bastille Day was fast approaching, so I asked again. On the 14th of July, Dave (who had to visit a hardware store to buy a larger masonry bit for the electric drill) put-up the pole. (Just in case you are wondering why I couldn't do this job myownself: there is a large bush at the bottom of the driveway pillar and I am not tall enough to reach/lean for this task.) I went to our box of flags and - would you believe it - no French flag. There was a French flag in that box. Where did it go? There is an American flag, Greek, Israeli, British, etc. What a strange thing to go missing. Dave didn't say a thing, but this is the flag we flew on the National Day of France:

Viva Le Canards!

The "no cook" week (except for Wednesday) continued. I made a batch of Gazpacho (recipe here), and served the soup with a heartier appetizer plate, and only a baguette with the dinner. No reason for a salad with gazpacho, as gazpacho is simply a salad in a blender.

Cornichons, Bresaola (air cured beef) wrapped a sliver of dill Havarti, bread stick, olive tapanade, nuts, and a dried apricot.

Since it was 110 degrees, I remembered to put the soup bowls in the freezer an hour before dinner.

Friday was super-simple: lighter appetizers and chicken (still that shredded Costco chicken I had in the freezer) salad sandwiches.

Four visitors this weekend!

Until my next update, I remain, your chilled correspondent.