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Los Angeles, California: This week, Lenny flew to the east coast on business, DT flew to Wyoming to visit his Mom and I flew to Los Angeles to stay with Lisa and help a bit with the kids.


Lucy is already seven weeks old and weighs over 9 pounds. She is simply beautiful and I try to have her in my arms as much as possible.

Brother Leo (age 3) now has soccer practice one afternoon per week. There are no scheduled games.

No teams.

Just soccer.

He's three.

Leo is still obsessed with his Magna-Tiles and plays with them for hours a day. Today he built the tower-to-end-all-towers. Or maybe it was a rocket ship?

This afternoon, Lenny returned from his business trip and DT flew to Los Angeles from Wyoming (via Salt Lake City). Reunited. Dave and I watched the grandchildren while Lisa and Lenny went out to dinner - a rare treat for them these days. We had a good time with Leo and Lucy!

Look at her beautiful face!

Tomorrow the Oregon Ducks face the UCLA Bruins in the Rose Bowl. Guess who has tickets?

Until my next update, I remain, your El Lay correspondent.