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Los Angeles, California: DT and I flew from Heathrow on British Airways to Los Angeles today - an 11-hour non-stop flight. We left London before 1p and arrived in Los Angeles at 4p... pretty jet lagged and dehydrated and woozy. Immigration lines were ridiculously long. Customs lines were ridiculously long. Everyone was so tired. There was no good humor at LAX this afternoon.

The waiting was really bad for us, because we knew we were only 45 minutes from our family! We had not seen Little Leo since August 5th. We were pretty-sure he was in college by now.

I had sent Lisa a photo of her Dad as we boarded our flight at Heathrow and when we landed in Los Angeles, Lisa sent a text that Leo had been asking to see the photo again and again, always asking for "Bubba". 

We finally pulled-up in front of Lenny & Lisa's house to see the three of them waiting for our arrival. Leo was squealing. He wanted Bubba!

Look at our Darling Boy with souvenirs of our trip - a Pinocchio doll and tee-shirt. Gifts purchased for Leo in Florence. Italian Pinocchio dolls come with two noses that screw-in - long and short!

Our girl roasted chicken, steamed green beans and served a tossed salad. Dave and I tried our best to stay awake, but lost the battle. I gave Leo and bath and that was the end of my jet-lagged evening.

I cannot tell a lie - these two boys are the light of my life.

So many changes in a barely-two-year-old in three weeks. Leo no longer wears diapers.

We are happy to be back in the USA, but our travels do not end here. Oh, no... more adventure awaits.

I will have a recap of our trip soon and will also update our hotel information (that I really have neglected) as soon as possible.

Until my next update, I remain, your American correspondent.