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We so enjoyed last evening with our family! Though we face-timed with the kids andLeo about ten times during our European trip, it just isn't the same as being there in person. In three weeks, the changes in a toddler are extraordinary. Leo is talking more and I can't get over how agile, quick and steady-on-his-feet he seems to be.

First thing this morning, Leo went into his playroom and asked for his Pinocchio doll. (Okay, Leo didn't actually say "Pinocchio". He just pointed at the wooden toy and grunted, but Bubba and I are happy Leo likes the carved doll that we have schlepped around since Florence!

Before flying home this afternoon, we went to Travel Town in Griffith Park with Leo and a bunch of his pals (their parents and a few grandparents), including Leo's little girlfriend.

The toddlers had not seen each other for several days and ran to each other and hugged & kissed. Nearly every time Lisa straps Leo into his car seat, he asks if they are going out to meet his friend.

They are just too cute together.

Travel Town is a museum in Griffith Park about railroads and train cars, with educational and interactive exhibits and a lot of vintage trains to explore. Above, Bubba explores an antique rail car with our little punk.

There is also a train ride - of course. Leo just loves a train ride.

Leo always chills-out on a train ride. Thumb in his mouth, leaning back on his Mama, enjoying the scenery... only because the park does not allow two toddlers to sit together on a train bench (safety first), or Leo would sit with his girlfriend.

After visiting the train museum, Our Girl made sure our Taco Jones was covered by taking us to a little street taco spot... same as she did for our last meal before getting on our flight to London weeks ago.

Someone raised that girl right.

We left Los Angeles when Leo went down for a nap and flew to our home in Portland, Oregon. We are now busy with laundry and reorganizing.

Why the rush?

We are going on a trip in the morning.

Until my next update, I remain, your jet-lagged correspondent.