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Back in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: A month away from Little Leo proved to be just too much, so as soon as we arrived home from the track meet in Eugene, I hopped on a plane to Los Angeles. (DT has Trustee meetings all week, so remained in Oregon.) Lisa fetched me from the airport, with a sleeping Leo strapped into his car seat. When he opened his eyes and saw me, Leo gave me a big smile and asked if I was coming to his house. I told him yes, and that I loved him. Leo replied, "I love you too, darling". 

After dinner, Leo buried me in stuffed animals as I attempted to read a bedtime story:

Selfie: notice the little feet to the left

Lisa snapped this shot

This morning, Lisa ran errands while I took Leo to ride the ponies. This kid loves the pony ride at Griffith Park. Loves. Loves. Wants to ride several times a week. Lisa jokes Leo's college fund will be squandered, $3 at a time, riding ponies around in circles.

Just in case you were missing photos of the (nearly 3 year old) CBE on my blog:

We also rode on the train:

>Leo always screams as the train passes through a tunnel

There was another reason for my trip to Los Angeles. Lisa great friend, Lady Katharine, was married in London a few days ago. The newlyweds were over-nighting in Los Angeles on their way to a Hawaiian honeymoon. Lisa and Lenny arranged for a few state-side friends - who could not attend the wedding - to gather and have dinner with Simon and Lady Katharine.

The Bride, on Saturday

Katharine & Lisa (Lisa is 6½ months along with a girl and could not fly to London.)

We had mocktails/cocktails in Lenn & Lisa's garden, then went to a fancy steakhouse where it was basically guaranteed the visiting Brits would spot a celebrity. We had a great meal, but no movie stars.

Lisa, Simon, Lenny, Angela, me, Lady KCatharine

Unless you count this table of gorgeous people.

Until my next update, I remain, your surprising correspondent.