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Back in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: No more Trustee meetings. No more track meets (well, for a two more weeks anyway...). Enough work. Time to see the Most Precious (other than yours, obviously) Grandchildren in the Entire World. We hopped on the Alaska Airlines shuttle this morning and headed to Los Angeles.

Record heat wave is predicted. We are so thankful we are not at our campsite in Indio. Temperatures are predicted into the 120-ish range in the Coachella Valley this weekend. Stay Safe, everyone!

It may be hot in SoCal, but the weather in Portland was not very pleasant. Those fat thunderous clouds were sitting directly over Portland International Airport. Oh goodness, I do not enjoy flying anyway and our bumpy departure did not help my nerves. However, after only 20 minutes, we left the clouds and had smooth sailing all the way to Los Angeles. Two hours. Non-stop.

It was 99 degrees when we landed.

Leo, nearly 5, and Lucy, nearly 2

Our Beautiful Grandchildren! We had missed them so much. Leo was sporting red hair, dyed with Kool-Aid for a last-day-of-school program. (Seriously, using Kool-Aid powder to dye kid's hair crazy colors is a thing. Google for instructions; it's temporary.) Lucy is sporting a knot the size of an egg on her forehead, now a lovely shade of green, from a fall two days ago.

We all went out for sushi, then returned back to the house to put two tired kids to bed. Adults followed soon after.

It is Father's Day weekend. Lisa has made special plans for Lenny and Dave, but with the extreme temperatures, we may have to reconsider the itinerary.

One last thing... while DT was in Trustee meetings Thursday, I had the day to myself in Eugene. I went to see the new University of Oregon handbags made by Dooney & Bourke.

Valley River Center Macy (Eugene, Oregon)

Dooney & Bourke are making several styles of collegiate branded handbags, wallets and totes. Currently they manufacture official NCAA-licensed bags for 30 universities. Maybe your favorite school is included? They also make bags for Major League Baseball teams. The bags are available from the Dooney & Bourke website. Oregon bags are available at some Oregon Macy shops, and a limited selection at the University of Oregon Bookstore. They also come in white leather with a green "O"... but I prefer the green and yellow.

Go Big or Go Home.

Until my next update, I remain, your accessorized correspondent.