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The 2015 Prefontaine Classic

TrackTown, USA: The weather really cooperated and it was a beautiful day for The One True Sport in Eugene, as Historic Hayward Field hosted The Prefontaine Classic.

But, first... in the "I'm an idiot, and I am going to tell you why" department... a few days ago, Matthew Centrowitz, Jr., posted this photo on instagram:

Matt Jr. is the skinny guy on the left. I recognized the building - the Jacqua Center - on the University of Oregon campus, but could not figure out what the heck NIKE RUNNING was trying to market with something called the "ION OF ZO", until I saw the completed poster this weekend.

I never claimed to be the sharpest crayon in the box, and my idiotosy gave Mary something to laugh about all weekend.

Such a beautiful setting, great weather, great athletes and great fans. My camera was not cooperating and it was so bright, so I will post only few photos below. See race results here.

NOTE: I am not a sports writer. I am just a track fan with a fussy camera and a blog.

Genzebe Dibaba (Ethopia) won the 5000m in 14:19.76. This is the fifth-fastest women's 5000m ever.

Renaud LaVillenie (France) won the pole vault at 19 feet, 10.25 inches (6.05m). This is the highest he has ever jumped outdoors. LaVillenie holds the world record in the indoor pole vault.

Ion of Zo icon, Matthew Centrowitz (6th from top) lines up to race the
Bowerman Mile - the final and signature event of the Prefontaine Classic.

Centrowitz was bested by Ayanleh Souleiman of Djibouti. Souleiman ran 3:51.10; Matt finished second in 3:51.20. All 13 men in the race ran the mile under four minutes.

Another fantastic day at the races with fantastic friends!

Then it was the long drive home in traffic. Seems everyone in Portland had driven two hours south to watch the meet. (It's on TV people!) We stopped to visit the Magna Pregrinus on the way home... to pick-up a few things this genius had forgotten (an entire drawer of clothing!). Our motorhome did not seem to miss us. I think she is still in a deep-sleep resting mode, gently recovering while plugged-into to lowly 30 amp service during her respite.

Dinner was what I could find in the fridge/pantry. Not bad, if I say so myownself.

If you have a tomato and you have an avocado - you have a salad

If you have spaghetti and you have cheese - you have dinner!

Until my next update, I remain, your track and field correspondent.