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Indian Wells Arts Festival

Indio, California: Mark & Debbie invited us to the Indian Wells Arts Festival, held on the grounds of their tennis club - the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. The Indian Wells Arts Festival is similar to the art festival we attended a few weeks ago in La Quinta - though quite a bit larger. Many artists show their work at both festivals.

Debbie (lower left) was finishing-up a doubles match when we arrived.

They won!

Jim and Marci met us here too. They are looking for art to fill the walls of their Palm Desert condo.

Temperatures were in the high 80s this afternoon, but the occasional cloud-cover and all the shade trees made the day quite pleasant.

A glass blower was demonstrating his hot craft while this little dog, LuLu, was just trying to keep cool.

According to the artist, this sand sculpture is going to give birth to a little girl mermaid tomorrow morning.

We strolled through the entire art show. Marci and Jim found two great pieces for their new condo, and while they we purchasing their new treasures, we found a shady table on the lawn and enjoyed the music with Debbie and Mark.

Indian Wells Arts Festival beer garden

Debbie & Mark

After the show, we all went to a late lunch at the Fisherman's Market & Grill - then DT and I returned to our RV to spend the afternoon watching college basketball.

Art, friends, fish, sunshine and sport - a perfect day!

Until my next update, I remain, your visually-stimulated correspondent.

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