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Another Rainy Day

Newport, Oregon: I can’t even imagine why we didn’t just drive straight-up I-5 to Portland from SoCal. By now we would have the RV unloaded and would be completely re-settled into our stick-house life. But no. Instead, we decided to take the long way home, driving up the beautiful Pacific coast to enjoy the scenery and eat fish & chips like it was our job. Terrible weather has plagued all but a very few hours of our journey north. Blah!

At least we had a wonderful diversion today to break our gloom – lunch with Mary and Captain Jim! How fun. They are spending a few days at their beach house in Lincoln City (just north of Newport), so drove down to meet us at Local Ocean for a nice long lunch. After my mini-lecture yesterday about taking photos, did I take a photo of Mary and Captain Jim? No, I did not.

But I did take photos of our lunch:

DT: Tuna tacos

Me: Grilled ling cod fish & chips
with fennel slaw

After lunch, we all took a walk up and down the touristy bayfront area, popping into shops. Jim wanted to find some Dungeness crab, so was checking prices with local fishmongers and docks. It was great to have a surprise lunch with our good friends (who we lunch with so often in Indio) in an unexpected local.

Mary and Captain Jim drove back to Lincoln City and we took a drive east, up the river to Toledo, and returned to Newport on Highway 20. After a rest in our motorcoach, we put on our sneakers and headed out to walk up to the jetty and to the end of the public fishing pier. We walked through a cold mist/drizzle the entire afternoon.

The coach parked behind us: this RV park is going to the dogs…

Public Fishing Pier on the south side of the bridge

Public Fishing Pier on the south side of the bridge

Red Rock Crab (above) – people were snagging some Dungeness in their traps, but most of the crab caught today were Red Rock Crab. Currently, there is a daily 24-any-sex-any-size limit on reds. Dungeness have a daily limit of 12, must be male, and over 5.75 inches wide.

We met the most interesting people on the fishing pier this afternoon, including a couple who had flown-in today from Phoenix – with a small crab pot in their luggage. They rented a car in Portland and drove directly to Newport, stopped at the grocer to purchase a package of chicken legs to use as bait, and were waiting for their crab pot to fill with dinner. If no luck, they could cook the remaining chicken legs? The wife was Filipina and did we ever have a fun time chatting with her about the Philippines. She was so vivacious and friendly, and let me attempt my limited Tagalog language “skills” during our conversation. They are buying a RV next year and hitting the retirement road! Randomly, the husband has a degree in geology (as does DT), but did not work in the field (like DT).

It is always interesting to me that four random people can have so much in common. This world is a wondrous place.

One last shot of the beautiful Yaquina Bay Bridge

We probably didn’t need more food after our lunch (at noon) with Mary and Captain Jim, but after our hike this afternoon, we decided to walk (more walking!) across the parking lot to The Rogue Brewery to split a Reuben. (I simply could not eat another piece of fish.)

We arrived at 7:15p, and the restaurant closes at 8p (even earlier than Palm Springs restaurants!),
but the beer canning line was still working. Swing shift.

Dave had a Manhattan made with Rogue whisky. I had a kolsch.

A perfect Reuben – marble rye

I’m sorry/not sorry to say, Dearest Reader, today is the last day of our RV trip that began on 7 November 2018 – nearly seven months ago. Our housesitter is still answering my emails, so we assume all is well at home. You may/may not recall that we had three bathrooms completely remodeled while we were away and have yet to see the finished rooms. It will be like returning to a new house (our house is 25 years old).

Until my next update, I remain, your Oregonian correspondent.

RV PARK: Newport Marina RV Park – city-operated campground just east of the famed Newport Bridge. From this campground, you can walk to the Hatfield Visitor Center, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the Rogue Brew Pub. The Hatfield Center and the aquarium are across the street; the brew pub shares a parking lot with the campground. Full service, 50 amp, cable, wifi, laundry, bath house, etc. We are paying $50 per night.

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