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Fire on the Mountain

We are home! Lisa and Reese left Bend this morning - slowly making her way back to Los Angeles and visiting with family along the route. Tonight Lisa is just north of Sacramento with her aunt and uncle (and cousin, Doc) - nearly a 500-mile drive. My Driver and I left Bend around 11a only to find a forest fire burning on the northeast top of Black Butte. The fire was caused by lightning.

The view of the fire from Highway 20 between Sisters and Bend

Closer... snapped through the windscreen

The only other exciting event on our drive back to Beaverton was the odometer turning over 10,000 miles. We officially have a used motorhome now.

DT and I were anxious to return home - a crew was supposed to start replacing our deck boards this morning. Imagine our disappointment when we pulled into our driveway to find nothing. No dumpster. No stack of new 2x6 Port Orford cedar. Nothing. No workers. No trucks.

Then imagine our surprise when we saw that every board had been removed, and obviously hauled away! Wow! There was no note or voice mail message... so I will assume the stack of boards will arrive tomorrow?

BEFORE: 15 years old.

We have the deck refinished every-other year, so it "looks" good... but from the underside many of the boards were rotting away. (In case you haven't heard, it really gets wet in Oregon.) Nightmares of guests falling through the deck, etc...


I am anxious to see what transpires tomorrow. Until my next report, I remain, your "watch your step" correspondent.