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And So It Begins

We had put-off re-siding our house for several years. The job is massive, will take the good part of a month and is really an expensive undertaking. Our original siding was showing signs of decay. Not unusual in soggy Oregon. In fact, we are really lucky our HP siding lasted twenty years.

DT interviewed three companies, made his choice and decided to use Hardie Planksiding material to replace the original siding. Hardy Plank is a product made with a little concrete, so is resistant to woodpeckers, rain, sun and fire - just the thing for a house built in the middle of a forest. The siding is approved in our neighborhood CC&R's, holds paint well, looks like cedar and after we have the house painted (same old color), our house will look much unchanged (except will be sturdier and safer). Hardie Plank also carries a 30-year warranty and we are already old.

I chose new outdoor light fixtures to replace the once-shiny brass lamps along the exterior of our house. We needed twenty.

Yes. Twenty.

So there were several deliveries to our driveway this morning. Scaffolding. Wood. Nails. Siding. Tools. Porta-Pottie.

Dave had asked our field mower to cut the field next to our house before the work crew arrived Thursday morning. The field mower showed up last night at 9:20 - just as it was getting dark - to mow the field! Luckily he had headlights on his tractor. Today, the work crew was able to drive their trucks on the mowed field to be close to the work site.

Scaffolding went up. Old siding came down.

Is that thing a-tilt? Ladders are everywhere - I hope my hydrangea survive.

End of Day One.

Until my next update, I remain, your optimistic correspondent.