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Stuff I Learned in LA Last Week

It is often difficult to keep up with current culture. It's not like I don't get around, read the newspaper, facebook, keep up with books, politics and listen to NPR. I rarely watch television, so am unaware who won/was on/lost any of the way-too-many talent shows. Most of the stars featured in People magazine (nail salon!) are unknown to me.

Luckily I have a young daughter who lives in Los Angeles to keep me abreast of the latest and greatest. Otherwise, how would I know...

1. Girls are no longer using shampoo. It's true. All the hipsters are now "co-shampooing" or "conditioner-only" shampooing. Just what it sounds like - people are skipping the shampooing part and only using conditioner to cleanse their hair. (Details involve using a silicone-free conditioner, massaging it into your hair/scalp and letting it set while you shower, then rinsing.) Some co-shampooers use shampoo once a week or so and others never use shampoo.

2. There is an iPhone app for an in-home service called BLOW ME. A few of My Readers may be disappointed to learn using this app will send someone to your house within an hour to blow-dry your hair. $40. No cash. No tipping.

3. Need an elephant in Los Angeles? There are elephants for hire/rent. Asian elephants are popular for birthday parties and Hindu wedding processions. Why hire a balloon-animal-making clown when your kid can make his birthday entrance on an elephant? $5300. (Relax, Leo is not having an elephant at his birthday party!)

So I may not be the sharpest shampooed Bubbe on the block, but I know one thing - we have a very hip, smart, loving, funny, caring and beautiful daughter. She keeps us young, informed and busy. In a month or so, Lisa and Lenny will also know the joy a daughter brings to a family.

Can't wait to see what this baby girl will teach her Mom?

Until my next update, I remain, your learning correspondent.